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d20Radio and Gamer Nation Studios are inextricably linked, as is Gamer Nation Con.  There are a few differences in how we obtain support for our activities, and this is related specifically to the convention.

Gamer Nation Con (3DoGG) would not be what it is without the backers of our annual Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the convention.  As such, one of the rewards offered for supporting the convention, whether in person or simply monetarily, is access to a Backer Zone that has a bunch of downloadable content, including modules, Roll20 tokens and much more.  The 2014 Backer Zone is available now to the general public and we will make 2015 content available later this year when we begin releasing content for the 2016 convention supporters. Here are links to that content for your downloading and playing pleasure.

2014 Backer Zone Content

The Convention for 2015 is over, but do you want to access the goodies in the 2015 backer zone 6 months early?  You can! It’s $25 and you can access it with the button below!  Select Gamer Nation Con Backer Zone Access from the store.
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  1. Guys – I paid in to the Backzone and I’m still only seeing the free products. Am I missing something? The latest podcast alluded to an adventure that GM Hooly was helping with??

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