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Welcome to the Gamer Nation!  Founded in 2010, Gamer Nation LLC was formed to produce board games and provide gaming related entertainment for the masses!  Going all the way back to 2008, The Gamer Nation was a term coined by our first Podcast on the d20radio network, The Order 66 Podcast.

We hope you enjoy our site and all the community offerings we have here, including d20Radio, Gamer Nation Con, the backer zone and all our board game based content.


EONS: Building Blocks has entered public playtesting!  Originally designed by GM Dave while in The Philippines in June 2013, the game has undergone extensive internal testing and was briefly demonstrated at GENCON 2013.  It was overhauled again over the winter and emerged in March for public playtesting and has been met with rave reviews!

EONS:Cosmic Expansions has funded on kickstarter and will expand EONS with 3 new card sets, more cooperative rules, solitaire rules, secret agendas and new galaxy cards.  We expect the games to begin shipping and be available in game stores in July.


Current Games in production include our newest game, EONS.  We are extremely proud to bring this exciting strategy game to you, in which players take on the role of Cosmic Architects, shaping the universe in their own way using the currency of the game, essence, which represents the will and power of each architect.  Players build stars and orbiting planets, and use events such as cosmic collisions and supernovae to destroy competing players’ planets and stars.  Every cosmic body that is destroyed causes the universe to slowly spin out of control, represented by the entropy counter at the center of the board.  Once the counter hits, zero, the game is over and the player with the most victory points wins!  Players use resource management strategies to create the right balance of elements to build more cosmic bodies, and rely on the power of fusion within their stars to create heavier elements needed for larger stars and planets that generate more victory points.  EONS can also be be ordered through our web store or through your FLGS.



Edition Wars, a tongue in cheek card game in which players, playing the role of a GM, try to battle each other using Snarky Comments, Merchandising and Blogs to woo players to their gaming group.  It is not that simple, however, as GMs have a bevy of tools that help them attack or defend with greater strength and those items take the form of special event cards like “You took the last Mountain Dew” and swag such as “The +2 Gaming Table of Awesome”.  At the end of the game, the first GM to attain 6 players can declare their edition supreme and raise the banner of victory!  Edition Wars can be ordered through our web store or through your FLGS.


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Upcoming Games

Quintessential:The Fifth Element

Quintessential is playable by two to five players in about 45 minutes. All players begin as elementary students of alchemy. Players draw from a common store of knowledge and share a laboratory, but it’s up to each individual to determine how best to combine the elements that are available. Players use the element dice in their element pool in formulas either in their personal lab OR the community lab.  Each action requires a lab worker to be placed on the card being activated or claimed for use.  Once used, the element generated can be rolled or free placed on another formula card, potentially completing chain reactions and producing multiple elements at the same time.


A quick hit RPG by Jay Little, each player manages a cast of characters in an episode of their show, only everything goes wrong, and the players quickly make up the episode as they go.  The game is fluid, without boundary and will be available via kickstarter in April, 2015!


PILLAGE! is a fun and fast paced card game in which the players control a crew of three monsters (Kobolds, Ogres, Orcs, or Goblins) who are on a mission to pillage and ransack a local peaceful village.  As players commence their onslaught, they must use sound strategy and nimble tactics, as the peaceful hamlet may reveal an angry mob or knight that will fight to defend their home to the death!  The game ends when the locale has been completely plundered, and each building destroyed or villager defeated will grant the players victory points.  At the end of the game, the player with the most victory points wins.

The game plays quickly, averaging 30 minutes, and due to the randomness of the card draw mechanic, each playthrough is different from the last providing a unique experience with each subsequent playthrough.  PILLAGE! will initially ship with two locales (with varying degrees of difficulty) to plunder, but additional locations will be made available both through print-and-play as well as via retail expansion.  We expect PILLAGE! to launch its funding campaign in Q1 2015.


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