Guide: What ships should I buy for X-wing? Scum Edition

Note (July 17, 2017): This guide has been updated to include all ships announced through Wave 11.

Today we continue our foray into helping new players decide what ships to buy when getting into Fantasy Flight’s X-wing Miniatures game. Last time we took a peak at the Rebel and Imperial fleet. Today we’ll look at the Scum fleet. How will we rate each expansion?

We’ll look at a few things

  • Max Squad– For the ship(s) in this expansion, what is the maximum that you could potentially fly in a 100pt squad. Very rarely will you ever have a reason to buy more than this number unless you are really into Epic play.
  • Standard Squad– This will be the number of ships of this type that you will typically see wielded in a squad. This number will often be a range as some ships can be wielded well in a number of different formations.
  • Unique Upgrades– What unique upgrades come with this expansion, and only this expansion? Many upgrades can be found in a few different packs so you will have different ways to obtain them. But some have only one avenue to acquire.
  • Valuable Upgrades- While these upgrades aren’t necessarily unique to this ship, they are ones that are used frequently in many different builds. Having many of these is not a bad thing. Note, this isn’t a complete list of the upgrades that come with the ship, just ones that have good value.
  • Suggested Buy: This is our recommendation for the most balanced amount to buy to gain the most benefit from the ship and upgrade cards it contains. We’ll give a little rationale behind it but this isn’t a full review of each ship so it won’t be very detailed.

Note: We’re making some guesses on the Wave 7 ships since not all the details are out yet about what comes in each ship. We’ll try and update these once those details are officially revealed.

yv666Hound’s Tooth (YV-666)

  • Max Squad- 3
  • Standard Squad- 1
  • Unique Upgrades
    • Crew- Bossk
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • Elite Pilot Talent
      • Stay on Target
      • Lonewolf
    • Crew
      • K4 Security Droid
      • Outlaw Tech
    • Modification- Engine Upgrade
    • Illicit- Glitterstim
  • Suggested Buy: 1 (MSRP- $40)
    • This ship has a place as the scum’s only multi-crew carrier. There are a lot of interesting ways to use the ship. But the ship can be difficult to fly and a bit point investment.


  • Max Squad- 6
  • Standard Squad- 1
  • Unique Upgrades
    • Secondary Weapon- Blaster Turret
    • Crew- Saboteur
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • Crew
      • Recon Specialist
      • Intelligence Agent
    • Secondary Weapon- Ion Turret
  • Suggested Buy: 1 (MSRP- $15)
    • While technically a Rebel ship, the Most Wanted Pack comes with a set of Scum HWK pilots. These are in many ways better than the Rebel version as they are more than just support. It’s worth getting one.

aggressorIG-2000 (Aggressor)

  • Max Squad- 2
  • Standard Squad- 2
  • Unique Upgrades
    • Illicit
      • Feedback Array
      • Deadman’s Switch
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • Secondary- Mangler Cannon
    • Illicit- Inertial Dampeners
    • System- Accuracy Correctors
  • Suggested Buy: 2 (MSRP- $60)
    • The Aggressor is the first large ship I’d recommend getting two of and that’s for one reason; IG-2000 Title. While this is a pretty nice ship on its own, flying two with the free title allowing them to share the pilot ability makes them really dangerous. It’s also worth it for getting more Illicit upgrades as this one currently has several that are unique to the pack.


  • Max Squad- 5
  • Standard Squad- 1-3
  • Unique Upgrades
    • Elite Pilot Talent- Lightning Reflexes
  • Valuable Upgrades- 
    • Elite Pilot Talent
      • Predator
      • Crack Shot
    • Illicit- Glitterstim
  • Suggested Buy: 2 (MSRP- $30)
    • You’ll probably want two of this ship merely for the upgrades. Predator rocks and Crack Shot really can turn a game to your advantage. They fly like X-wings so Kihraxz themselves aren’t really the best ship. Though, Talonbane is really nice as one of the few native PS9 pilots.

scykM-3A Scyk Interceptor

  • Max Squad- 7
  • Standard Squad- 2
  • Unique Upgrades
    • Secondary Weapon- Flechette Cannon
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • Modification- Stealth Device
    • Secondary Weapon- Mangler Cannon
  • Suggested Buy: 2 (MSRP-  $30)
    • Truthfully, I haven’t found a great use for these ships yet. They are not cheap enough to swarm compared to the Z-95. A cheap pilot with HLC at 23pts can be fun as a heavy fire back up and Laetin can be incredibly hard to kill when played defensively.  Also the model looks great.

g1aMist Hunter (G1-A)

  • Max Squad- 4
  • Standard Squad- 1
  • Unique Upgrades
    • Elite Pilot Talent- Adaptability
    •  Crew
      • 4-LOM
      • Zuckuss
    • System- Electronic Baffles
    • Illicit-Cloaking Device
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • Cannon- Tractor Beam
  • Suggested Buy: 2 (MSRP-  $40)
    • This ship is the Scum’s version of a B-wing. It has a lot of potential build options and a very red maneuver dial.  The named pilots do have some nice tricks but the upgrades are the primary appeal of this pack. Adaptability is useful in almost every squad and Electronic Baffles can surprisingly effective if used right.

z95scumMost Wanted

  • Unique Upgrades
    • Crew- Greedo
    • Secondary Weapon- Autoblaster Turret
    • Title- Andrasta
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • Crew- K4 Security Droid
    • Crew- Outlaw Tech
    • Illicit- Hotshot Blaster
  • Suggested Buy: 1 (MSRP-  $40)
    • This set is a must buy for scum. It comes with three ships (Y-wing, 2x Z-95’s) but also has cards/pilots/dials for an extra Y-wing, HWK-290 and Firespray.  I almost recommended getting two of them so that you have a source of swarms from more Z-95’s. While you could buy the independent Z-95 packs, you can’t use the pilots or face plates from those, just the ship and dial. That means you can’t fly more than two of the same type of Z. But unless you want to do that you’ll only need one of these.

protectorateProtectorate Starfighter Expansion (Protectorate Starfighter)

  • Max Squad- 5
  • Standard Squad- 1-2
  • Unique Upgrades
    • Elite Pilot Talent- Fearlessness
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • None
  • Suggested Buy: 2 (MSRP- $30)
    • This expansion offers almost nothing in terms of upgrades. But it adds something new to Scum, a real knife fighting interceptor. A pair or these will work well together.

jumpmasterPunishing One Expansion (Jumpmaster 5000)

  • Max Squad- 4
  • Standard Squad- 2
  • Unique Upgrades
    • Elite Pilot Talent
      • Rage
      • Attanni Mindlink
    • Crew
      • Gonk
      • Boba Fett
      • Dengar
    • Salvaged Astromech
      • R5-P8
      • Overclocked Astromech
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • Modification- Guidance Chips
    • Illicit- Feedback Array
  • Suggested Buy: 1 (MSRP- $30)
    • This ship is an odd duck. It’s assymetrical dial makes it particularly difficult to fly as you have to keep in mind which way is green and which way is not. The title card is expansive but gives the Scum a three primary attack die turret. And the crew provide some unique abilities. Unless you want to fly a three ship Wolfpack it’s not worth getting more than one as most of the upgrades are unique or have limited uses.


  • Max Squad- 6
  • Standard Squad- 2
  • Unique Upgrades
    • Elite Pilot Talent- A Score to Settle
    • Crew
      • Unkar Plutt
      • BoShek
    • Illicit- Scavenger Crane
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • Secondary Weapon- Thermal Detonator
    • Tech
      • Hyperwave Comm Scanner
  • Suggested Buy: 2 (MSRP- $30)
    • The Quadjumper is the first ship to be able to move backwards. Until this one you could always count on your target ending up in the same spot or somewhere in front of where it started. It also comes with a few interesting upgrades, Scavenger Crane for instance, which make it a worthy pickup. But what really makes it shine is the Space Tractor Array upgrade. A pair or more of these can really wreck someones day.

Scurrg H-6 Bomber

  • Max Squad- 4
  • Standard Squad- 1
  • Unique Upgrades 
    • Crew- Cad Bane
    • Secondary Weapons
      • Cruise Missile
      • Bomblet Generator
    • System- Minefield Mapper
    • Salvaged Astromech- R4-E1
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • Secondary Weapons
      • Synced Turret
      • Seismic Torpedo
  • Suggested Buy: 1 (MSRP- $20)
    • This ship adds a lot of fun toys for Scum and really brings them into the bombing game. Because of its array of upgrades you are unlikely to fly very many of them in a single squadron, as the upgrades raise the cost very quickly.

lancerShadow Caster (Lancer Class)

  • Max Squad- 3
  • Standard Squad- 1
  • Unique Upgrades
    • Crew
      • Latts Razzi
      • Ketsu Onyu
      • IG-88D
    • Illicit
      • Rigged Cargo Shute
      • Black Market Slicer Tools
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • Elite Pilot Talent- Veteran Instincts
    • Modification
      • Countermeasures
      • Tactical Jammer
  • Suggested Buy: 1 (MSRP- $30)
    • This ship comes with a unique firing arc and some pretty compelling upgrades. The ability to add terrain to the board as well as fire out of an arc to either side gives it a lot of potential uses. Unlike the Wave 8 Jumpmaster there don’t look to be many builds that really cry out for flying more than one of them however.

firespraySlave-1 Expansion (Firespray-31)

  • Max Squad- 2
  • Standard Squad- 1-2
  • Unique Upgrades
    • Elite Pilot Talent- Expose
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • Elite Pilot Talent- Veteran Instincts
    • Secondary Weapon- Heavy Laser Cannon
  • Suggested Buy: 1 (MSRP- $30)
    • Unlike the Imperial Firespray, the lowest scum pilot for the Firespray costs 35pts, meaning you’ll never fly more than two; but still most likely only one.  But you’ll probably want to fly one as the scum Kath and Boba Fett are awesome.


  • Max Squad- 4
  • Standard Squad- 1
  • Unique Upgrades
    • Elite Pilot Talent
      • Bodyguard
      • Calculation
    • Modification- Autothrusters
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • Modification- Hull Upgrade
    • System- Accuracy Corrector
    • Illicit- Inertial Dampeners
  • Suggested Buy: 1 (MSRP- $20)
    • This ship has some useful upgrades, mainly the Autothrusters, which are incredibly useful on many ships (A-Wing, TIE Interceptor, IG-2000). The ship itself is hard to pin down. Due to the unique nature of the Virago Title, you can only ever fly one of these nicely equipped, which is what you’ll often want to do. Two could be useful to have as flankers paired with a big ship or a mini-swarm.


  • Max Squad- 5
  • Standard Squad-  1
  • Unique Upgrades
    • Astromech- R5-D8
    • Astromech- R2
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • Secondary Weapon- Ion Turret
  • Suggested Buy: 1 (MSRP- $15)
    • While the Most Wanted pack comes with a Y-wing, you’ll want to get one of the individual packs because it comes with gear to fly two of them. And this pack comes with Ion Turrets which Most Wanted does not.


  • Max Squad- 8
  • Standard Squad- 4
  • Unique Upgrades- 
    • Elite Pilot Talent- Wingman
    • Elite Pilot Talent- Decoy
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • Modification- Munitions Failsafe
  • Suggested Buy: 0 (MSRP- $0)
    • The main reason to get an individual Z-95 pack is if you wanted to fly one of the named Scum Z pilots alone with a pair of basic pilots. Otherwise, buy a second Most Wanted


  • Max Squad- 2
  • Standard Squad- 1
  • Unique Upgrades- 
    • Crew
      • Cikatro Vizago
      • Jabba the Hutt
    • Title- Light Scyk Interceptor
    • Secondary Weapon- Arc Caster
    • Modification- Pulse Ray Shield
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • None
  • Suggested Buy: 0-1 (MSRP- $70)
    • Confession, this was the first expansion I decided not to buy. At least right away. That being said, it does have some good things going for it. The Scyk pilots are pretty good and the Pulse Ray Shield can really give some Scum ships a boost. The crew are kind of so-so though. Vizago can create a lot of sneaky situations by switching out upgrades. Jabba can be great for your illicit use IF you want to fly a YV-666 in standard play.

Missing Upgrades

Below is a list of the upgrades (that you can use) that you will not have access to by solely buying Scum ships. The ones that are bolded are the most useful for Scum ships, though all have their place.

  • Elite Pilot Talents
    • Adrenaline Rush (TIE Bomber/ARC-170)
    • Cool Hand (T-70 X-wing)
    • Draw Their Fire (Millenium Falcon)
    • Daredevil (TIE Interceptor)
    • Deadeye (A-Wing)
    • Elusiveness (Millenium Falcon/TIE Interceptor)
    • Expert Handling (TIE Advanced/X-wing)
    • Expertise (U-Wing)
    • Intensity (TIE Aggressor)
    • Intimidation (VT-49/Auzituck Gunship)
    • Juke (TIE F/O)
    • Opportunist (Imperial Aces)
    • Push the Limits (Imperial Aces/A-Wing)
    • Snap Shot (Heroes of the Resistance/Upsilon Shuttle)
    • Swarm Leader (TIE Striker)
    • Swarm Tactics (TIE Fighter/TIE Advanced)
    • Squad Leader (TIE Advanced)
    • Trick Shot (Heroes of the Resistance)
  • Crew
    • Bombardier (K-Wing)
    • Flight Instructor (Lambda Shuttle)
    • Hotshot Co-Pilot (Heroes of the Resistance)
    • Inspiring Recruit (U-Wing)
    • Navigator (Lambda Shuttle)
    • Operations Specialist (Upsilon Shuttle)
    • Tactician (TIE Phantom/Auzituck Gunship)
    • Tail Gunner (ARC-170)
    • Weapons Engineer (Lambda Shuttle/Millenium Falcon)
  • Illicit
    • Burnout SLAM (Heroes of the Resistance)
    • EMP Device (Sabine’s TIE)
  • Secondary Weapons
    • Advanced Homing Missile (K-Wing/TIE Punisher)
    • Cluster Bombs (TIE Punisher)
    • Conner Net (K-Wing)
    • Extra Munitions (K-Wing/TIE Punisher)
    • Flechette Torpedoes (E-Wing/TIE Punisher/Rebel Transport)
    • Ion Bombs (K-Wing/TIE Punisher)
    • Ion Torpedo (VT-49)
    • Plasma Torpedoes (K-Wing/TIE Punisher)
    • Proton Rockets (Rebel Aces/YT-2400)
      Proton Bombs (TIE Bomber/VT-49)
    • Seismic Torpedo (ARC-170)
    • Thermal Detonator (Ghost)
    • Twin Laser Turret (K-Wing/TIE Aggressor)
    • XX-23 Thread Tracer (Inquisitor TIE)
  • System
    • Advanced Sensors (Lambda Shuttle/E-Wing)
    • Collision Detector (Special Forces TIE)
    • Enhanced Scopes (Rebel Aces/TIE Punisher)
    • Fire Control System (B-Wing/TIE Phantom)
    • Sensor Jammer (Lambda Shuttle/U-Wing)
  • Tech
    • Comm Relay (TIE/FO)
    • Pattern Analyzer (Heroes of the Resistance)
    • Sensor Cluster (TIE/SF)
    • Targeting Synchronizer (Upsilon Shuttle)
  • Modification
    • Anti-Pursuit Lasers (Lambda Shuttle)
    • Experimental Interface (YT-2400)
    • Shield Upgrade (Imperial Aces/Millenium Falcon)
    • Vectored Thrusters (ARC-170)


Total suggested cost for released content at MSRP is $280 for your Scum Fleet. For unreleased content plus suggested non-faction ships with the most valuable upgrades is another $110. Those are some big numbers, but DON’T PANIC.

First, unless you can afford it, don’t buy all these ships at once. This guide is just your goal of where to aim for your fleet. Second, you can often get these ships 30% cheaper if you buy online. This article makes no judgment on buying online vs at your FLGS.

Second, this faction was developed under the assumption that most people would have a good mix of the other factions’ ships. It’s missing a lot of upgrades so even the suggested non-faction ships only scratch the surface of what you’re missing. On the plus size, the purchase price for suggested ships is by far the lowest of the three.

Third, remember this is just a GUIDE, a suggestion. It’s like the Pirate Code. Take from it what you will. Above all else, X-Wing is a fun game, so buy the ships you most want to put on the table.

With the ships and quantities listed above you’ll be able to make almost any Scum squad you might want. Fringe lists (like 7 Scyks) will be out unless you stock up more on particular ships. But most good lists use a mix of ships so you never need more than a few of each type.

Suggested Buy Order

Here is my suggested buy order (not including unreleased content). It includes non-faction ships in italics which have the most useful upgrades.

  1. 1x Most Wanted
  2. 1x Slave-1 Firespray
  3. 1x Y-wing
  4. 1x HWK-290
  5. 1x K-Wing (Twin Laser Turret/Various Munitions)
  6. 2x Protectorate Starfighter
  7. 2x IG-2000
  8. 2x TIE Phantom (Fire Control System/Tactician)
  9. 1x Lambda Shuttle (Multiple Crew and System Upgrades)
  10. 1x StarViper
  11. 1x Punishing One
  12. 1x Shadow Caster
  13. 1x Scurgg H-6
  14. 1x Hound’s Tooth YV-666
  15. 1x Quadjumper
  16. 1x Heroes of the Resistance (Illicit/EPT’s/Tech)
  17. 1x U-Wing (Inspiring Recruit/Expertise)
  18. 2x Mist Hunter
  19. 1x Kihraxz
  20. 2x M-3A Scyk
  21. 1x ARC-170 (Vectored Thrusters)
  22. 1x Imperial Aces (Push the Limits/Opportunist)
  23. C-ROC
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  1. Hi, new to x-wing so just wanted to verify something. If I’m reading this correctly if you buy the Imperial X-Slave 1 and then buy the Most Wanted set from Sum and Villainy the latter set comes with new content that lets you fly the Imperial Slave-1 as a Scum and Villainy faction instead? Thanks!

    • Yep, the Most Wanted pack comes with pilots and ship cardboard in order to fly the Firespray and HWK-290 as Scum ships. So if you have those ships you can now fly them as Scum instead of Imperial or Rebel.

  2. I’m kinda curious why the StarViper comes in at 5 for the Imp and Rebel Build, but only comes in at 11 for Scum?

    Also: Have you considered making/do you know of a good (rough) buying order guide for someone providing all of the ships for Xwing?

    • The reason it’s higher for the Rebs/Imps is because you want it for the Autothrusters upgrade. TIE Interceptors and A-Wings love that upgrade. StarViper’s themselves also love them but the ship itself is not as vital. I would probably actually move it up to #8 when I update this list.

      We have one combined master list (

  3. Any update to the suggested buy list order with the new releases? I’m just starting out and want to make a scum fleet. Thank you!

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