The Workshop – The Crew of the Blasted Mynock Part 3

There has been an adventure brewing in my mind for some time now that has gone through more than a few different iterations over the years. The crew of The Blasted Mynock has always been front and center as the protagonists of this adventure, but I was never quite able to get them to gel as a crew. Over the last few weeks I have been tweaking, discarding, and working on new ideas for the crew. I’m happy to say that they have reached their final, playable form, and over the next few weeks you will be meeting the crew for use in your own games if you wish. This week we will meet the odd couple of The Blasted Mynock. The Trandoshan bounty hunter Irrskutch and his Wookiee companion Ixxitatchl or “Fix.”


Species: Trandoshan
Career: Bounty Hunter
Specialization: Survivalist
Obligation: Score to Settle
Irrskutch’s life debt to his companion has earned him more than a few enemies among his own kind. One was Raxhon, a former rival hunter who took specific grievance and swore to eradicate him and his “pet.” He almost succeeded having teamed up with several Black Sun supported mercenaries and captured “Fix,” torturing the Wookiee nearly to death. Only the timely arrival of Irrskutch and Jago’s team saved him. “Fix” still carries scars from that encounter and Irrskutch has sworn that Raxhon will pay for it.
Motivation: Life Debt to “Fix”
“Fix” and Irrskutch formed a deep bond while they were trapped together on the jungle planet they crash landed on. They were forced to rely on each other in ways that they had never been required to rely on others before, even their own kind. When they finally escaped, the two of them took an oath of brotherhood, each one of them swearing a life debt to the other.  

Brawn     3
Agility     3
Intellect    2
Cunning    3
Willpower    2
Presence    2

Wound Threshold: 17
Strain Threshold: 11
Soak Value: 4
M/R Defense: 1|1

Skills: Brawl 1, Perception 2, Piloting (Space) 2, Ranged (Heavy) 2, Resilience 1, Survival 2, Vigilance 1

Expert Tracker 1 – Irrskutch removes one setback die from checks to find or follow tracks, and Survival checks made to track targets takes 50% less time.
Forager – Irrskutch removes up to two setback dice made to find food, water, or shelter and Survival checks made to forage take half time.
Outdoorsman 2 – Irrskutch removes two setback dice from checks to move through or manage terrain or environmental effects and decreases overland travel time by 50%.
Toughened 1 – Irrskutch increases his Wound Threshold by 2.*

Claws – Irrskutch’s Brawl attacks deal +1 damage and have a Critical Rating of 3.
Regeneration – Whenever Irrskutch would recover one or more wounds from natural rest or from a Bacta tank, he recovers one additional wound. This is not applicable to wounds recovered through first air or from a stimpack. Additionally, he can regrow lost limbs within a month.

Equipment: modified OK-98 blaster carbine w/ multi-optic sight (Ranged [Heavy]; Damage 11; Critical 3; Range [Medium]; stun setting; remove up to two setback dice on any checks to use this target due to smoke, darkness, or other environmental conditions that obstruct vision), armored clothing (+1 soak value, +1 defense), handheld comlink, 3 stimpacks, breath mask, climbing gear, extra reloads, backpack

*Already figured into stat block.


Species: Wookiee
Career: Technician
Specialization: Mechanic
Obligation: Debt
Bounty hunting is not cheap. It’s even more expensive when you are operating independently and operating with no capital to begin with.
Motivation: Life Debt to Irrskutch
“Fix” and Irrskutch formed a deep bond while they were trapped together on the jungle planet they crash landed on. They were forced to rely on each other in ways that they had never been required to rely on others before, even their own kind. When they finally escaped, the two of them took an oath of brotherhood, each one of them swearing a life debt to the other.  

Brawn     3
Agility     2
Intellect    4
Cunning    2
Willpower    2
Presence    2

Wound Threshold: 19
Strain Threshold: 10
Soak Value: 4
M/R Defense: 0|0

Skills: Astrogation 1, Brawl 2, Computers 2, Mechanics 3, Outer Rim 1, Ranged (Heavy) 1

Fine Tuning 1 – Whenever “Fix” reduces the amount of strain a starship or vehicle suffers, he reduces one additional strain.
Gearhead 1 – “Fix” removes one setback die from all Mechanics checks. He also reduces the cost to add mods to attachments by 50%.
Solid Repairs 1 – “Fix” restores one additional hull trauma whenever he repairs a vehicle or ship.
Toughened 1 – “Fix” increases his wound threshold by 2.*

Redundant System – “Fix” may make an Easy Mechanics check to harvest components from a functioning device to repair a broken one without breaking the functioning one. This only works if the devices are of the same size and technological level.
Wookiee Rage – If “Fix” has suffered any wounds, he deals +1 damage with Brawl and Melee attacks. If he is suffering from a Critical Injury, he deals +2 damage with Brawl and Melee attacks.

Equipment: bowcaster w/ fully modified automatic re-cocker and accelerator enhancement (Ranged [Heavy]; Damage 13; Critical 3; Range [Medium]; Autofire, Cumbersome 3, Knockdown, Pierce 2), brass knuckles (Brawl; Damage 4; Critical 4; Range [Engaged]; Disorient 3), heavy clothing (+1 soak value), tool kit, mechanical handscanner, datapad, 3 stimpacks, extra reloads, utility belt

*Already factored into stat block.

Background: Irrskutch and Ixxitatchl (or “Fix” as he’s known to his friends) are a definite oddity within the greater galactic community. Irrskutch was a Trandoshan slaver and “Fix” was a prisoner aboard the ship he served aboard. The ship suffered catastrophic system failure over a remote jungle moon and they were the only two survivors of the resulting crash. They knew that they would have to work together if they stood any chance of survival. Irrskutch kept them safe from predators and fed with his hunting skills while “Fix” got one of the emergency shuttles repaired and got them off planet. The experience created a deep bond between the two and they swore life debts to each other, pledging to always protect the other. When word of this got out, the members of their respective species were…upset, to say the least…and both of them found themselves to be pariahs. Raxnhon, one of Irrskutch’s rivals growing up took special offense and swore that he would wipe away the stain on the Trandoshan people by killing Irrskutch’s “pet” while he watched.

The pair took to bounty hunting to pay the bills, acting as independent contractors on a loan that “Fix” took out. But it turns out that not a lot of people are willing to trust a Wookiee/Trandoshan team and they found their pool of available jobs small indeed.

It was on one of these jobs that Raxhon almost succeeded in his threats. He and a team of mercenaries captured the Wookiee and were slowly torturing him to death. Irrskutch managed to recruit some help of his own – Jago Derritch and his team. They in fact had a score to settle with the Black Sun mercenary team for killing their pilot. They assaulted the warehouse and rescued the Wookiee. Raxhon however managed to escape in the battle. The pair caught a ride out of the system aboard The Blasted Mynock, but were offered a spot after Irrskutch’s flying got them out of a tight spot with an Imperial patrol above the planet’s surface and “Fix’s” mechanical skills kept the ship together long enough to get them into hyperspace. They’ve been with Jago’s team ever since.

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