The Workshop: Seera – An Analytical Mind

Species: Duros
Career: Diplomat
Specialization: Analyst

Duty: Operation Planning
The devil is in the details. Successful operations are founded on strong plans that take into account a wide variety of variables and possibilities that can occur when problems being to arise. And even the best analyst knows that no plan survives contact with the enemy – they need to see the trees and the forest. But Seera is good at what she does, and equipping the troops with the best intel possible and being able to change the plan when necessary are two things that Seera strives for.

Motivation: Creed (People Are Counting On Me)
Troops live and die by the intel they are given in the field, a harsh lesson that Seera learned shortly after joining up with the Rebellion. She took this lesson firmly to mind, letting it make her instead of break her. She approaches all of her duties and operation planning with the goal of zero casualties. And while she isn’t always successful in that, she knows that the men and women of the Rebellion, and the galaxy at large are counting on her to keep going.

Brawn 1
Agility 2
Intellect 4
Cunning 3
Willpower 2
Presence 3

Wound Threshold: 12
Strain Threshold: 12
Soak Value: 2
M/R Defense: 0|0

Skills: Computers 1, Core Worlds 1, Education 1, Leadership 1, Lore 1, Outer Rim 1, Piloting (Space) 1

Codebreaker 1 – Seera removes one setback die from her attempts to break codes or decrypt communications. She also decreases the difficulty of Computers or Intellect checks made to break codes or decrypt communications by one.

Instinctive Navigation – Seera adds one automatic advantage to any Astrogation roll she makes.

Equipment: light blaster pistol (Ranged [Light]; Damage 5; Critical 4; Range [Medium]; Stun setting), heavy clothing (+1 soak value), datapad, handheld comlink, extra reload, stimpack

Background: Seera had a job at Gowix Computers from the day she finished school. Actually, she had the job well before then, she just needed the necessary credentials. Top of her class, incredibly intelligent, and capable of putting together a big picture from a few details lead her to being placed in charge of a small, but vital team of personnel tasked with various duties designed to make the entire company run more smoothly. She proved to be very capable at her job, her ability to see both the forest and the trees helped her and the team to connect the various pieces of information that were being fed to them from other teams in the company. She also proved to be more than skilled at directing her team and managing their various workloads and assigned projects.

However, her skills proved to be her undoing. One day she discovered some irregularities in the numbers that one of the teams was feeding her, and she took it on herself to track it back to the source and find out what was going on. What she found shook her belief in the company and their mission – funds were being redirected towards the manufacture of a powerful new microprocessor completely off the books. She sliced into the R&D files only to find that Gowix was in bed with the Empire, developing this technology for them to use in their various war machines, allowing them to network and communicate at speeds faster than were currently possible.

While no revolutionary, Seera was no fan of the Empire, believing their humanocentric beliefs and autocratic philosophies was incredibly dangerous, especially to aliens like her. She copied the files in the hopes of smuggling them to the Rebellion, but missed several security flags in her haste. Knowing that corporate espionage would be the least of the charges brought against her, she fled off planet that night before CorSec was able to find her, taking only a few small personal possessions. She also knew that she would never be able to work in the private sector again, and so headed for a world she knew to be a haven for the Rebellion and joined up, knowing that she could use her skills to help the disparate groups of freedom fighters communicate and strike more effectively against the Empire.

For better or worse, she had just become a revolutionary.

Design Notes: The Analyst is a really fun support class, with access to a lot of knowledge skills as well as some social graces and cunning allowing them to subtly affect the game in various ways. Seera is designed to take full advantage of that. She is no fighter, but through judicious use of XP to advance her various knowledge and computer skills, as well as a trip through the Analyst talent tree she can become a very powerful support character helping the party before the blaster bolts start flying, and helping them to change their plans on the fly once they do start. The Slicer specialization feels like a natural fit for her as she grows, further enhancing her computer prowess and allowing her to get into places to get sensitive intel. If the rest of the party is more combat hungry, she could definitely do worse that dip into Recruit to get some combat skills onto her list. 40 XP gets her Ranged (Light) and 2 ranks of Second Wind to help her manage her Strain Threshold (as long as it’s her second specialization – 50 XP if it’s her third). She’ll never shine as a combatant though – it might be better just to eat the non-career skill cost and give her a couple of ranks in Ranged (Light) to make her a better shot with her pistol and spend the rest of the XP advancing her other skills.

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