The GM Awakens: See Your Character Come to Life, Literally

This series follows the trials, tribulations, successes, and failures of a fairly inexperienced GM who has recently picked up the hobby after a long time away. It aims to assist new GM’s by examining what worked, didn’t work, and what failed miserably as he spins up new campaigns, modules, encounters, and adventures for his friends and family in Fantasy Flight Games’ Edge of the Empire/Age of Rebellion/Force and Destiny system.

This column today is going to be a unique one, but one that I can’t resist writing.  This isn’t going to be about the Star Wars RPG and its mechanics, or how to run a part of the game, use the dice, or spin up a specialization.  This is to promote and discuss the amazing work of someone who deserves it.  And if you would love to see your character come to life before your eyes, like the image you had in your mind, keep reading, because I found someone who can do just that.

A few weeks back, an acquaintance of mine posted an image of a character… his character… online.  He mentioned that he had commissioned an artist who, upon receiving a description of his character, drew that character.  The work was so fantastic I reached out to the artist to find out how, as an early Christmas gift, I could have her draw pictures of all the characters in my primary Star Wars Age of Rebellion campaign for my players.

Her name is Rózsa Vivien, or known as the artist Miss Rose.  I will let Miss Rose herself describe who she is and why she does what she does:

My name is Rose, I’m student at the University of Fine Arts in Hungary. Drawing was always the most important thing in my life, and this is my first try to make a living from it. I will draw digital character line arts for people at first, but my goal is to learn digital painting. I’m trying to learn it on my own, because there are no options here to learn digital painting except for a private school, which is really expensive. This is my ultimate goal here to raise money for this school, and there are no words that can express how thankful I am for helping me to achieve this. 🙂

Not only is Miss Rose amazing at what she does but she also has goals, and any business she gets has her one step closer to her dreams.  Also, she is very affordable.  Commissioning artists can be a quite pricey endeavor.  She negotiates her prices, but I can tell you, for the amount of money you’d spend for one trip to the movies, you can have a permanent image of your favorite RPG characters.

So, if you look below, I’ll describe each of my players’ characters, and show you the incredible, amazing work that she did… hopefully inspiring you to reach out and have her bring your game to life.  For each of these characters, I sent her the image from the internet each person was using as a “close enough” representation.  I sent her the images of their guns, equipment, lightsabers, hilts, armor, and in one case, their ship.  She combined all of the information I gave her into some amazing work, and I got to see our characters live for the first time.  Not only that, but she did all of these in one week’s time.  So take a look below!  Meet Viper Squad… a Rebellion SpecForce unit that has climbed the ranks and now takes on some of the deadliest missions in the Galactic Civil War.  Click on any to see a full-sized image.

At the bottom of this article you’ll find Miss Rose’s contact information, so you can have her bring your amazing characters at your table to life.

Aden Bixby

Aden Bixby is a pilot from Corellia, who got himself mixed up with a smuggling crew in his early life, which comes back to haunt him sometimes.  After getting roped into delivering some Rebels for a mission for a fee, he decided to join up, and has been flying the members of Viper Squad to their missions ever since.  His ship, the Steadfast Thranta, has gotten the crew into and out of more scrapes than they can count.  He wears custom combat armor under his smuggler’s coat, and uses a DR-45 “Dragoon” Cavalry Blaster.  She put each and every one of these details into this piece.



Rasdale is the leader of the Viper Squad.  He is a Lannik, and despite his small stature, he looms large on the battlefield.  The team’s gunner in ships and their duel-wielding, crazed disruptor-carrying soldier on the ground, Rasdale has never met a target he didn’t enjoy shooting at.  He carries both a disruptor pistol, and an H-7 “Equalizer” Blaster, both of which are in the piece.  And in the piece, he’s captured yet another piece of galactic scum!

Shrisa Heshel

Shrisa is the team sniper and field medic.  After receiving a reward for heroism during a mission, the Kel-Dor was given an E-11S Sniper Rifle which she’s nicknamed “Harsh Language” (insert your favorite Aliens quote here).  She wears custom combat armor that was created for her by the team Armorer, and never forgets to bring the big gun.  Usually when the fighting starts, she cracks off the first shot from a perch above the battlefield.

Fleares Matterburn

Fleares is a Zabrak and the only Force-Sensitive in the group.  A Guardian Armorer, he has customized his lightsaber with a pistol hilt, allowing him to keep it more concealed than normal.  He also wears armored Jedi robes he custom built for himself.  He often makes armor for the team, and his knowledge of mechanics and the Force lets him use the Manipulate power to keep the Steadfast Thranta in the air longer than it has reason to be.

Couron Tabit

The newest member of the Viper Squad is a Herglic, a large whale-like species that towers over most people.  A well-liked race, he’s always having a good time and can negotiate and charm the pants off anyone.  But while he’s the life of the party off the battlefield, on it he’s the team’s heavy weapons expert, and he’s never far from his Z-6 Rotary Blaster cannon.

To contact Miss Rose and have her give life to your characters (what a holiday gift idea huh?!) you can reach her on Facebook by searching “@missorsette“, or find her Facebook page at:  You can also support her Patreon campaign at:  She can do any kind of RPG character you need: fantasy, sci-fi, horror, etc.  She is extremely affordable as I said.  So please reach out to Miss Rose, and you’ll see your character come to life.  By making the vision of your character come to life, you can help make her dream come true.

Thank you Miss Rose for everything.

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