The GM Awakens: New Imperial Vehicles to Support Our Troops


The terrorist patriot group that calls themselves The Alliance to Restore the Republic has been significantly increasing their acts of unprovoked violence throughout the galaxy.  As peaceful citizens of the Galactic Empire, it is our duty to continue to strive to protect you from support this rebellion that threatens to tear apart restore the very foundations of our way of life.  Our Imperial Army and Navy continue aggressive research and development to protect oppress you and our troops who fight the terrorists.

It is with great pride that the Imperial Department of Military Research announces two new vehicles now deployed to the field!  Take a look at these marvels of Imperial technology and might!

TIE Striker

Tie Striker - This is a copyrighted promotional image. It is believed that it may be used under the fair use provision of United States copyright law.The TIE Striker is a new, amazing dual-mode fighter which has capabilities to fly in space combat missions as well as in-atmosphere sorties.  When we trap Rebel terrorists on the ground, these new Tie Strikers can rip them to shreds!  When the TIE Striker wants to really go after rebel scum, its wings will pivot downward, moving from flight mode to attack mode.  When it does this, its wings provide more lift, increased speed, and better handling inside the atmosphere of any planet.

Other benefits include a longer central pod, allowing for twice the carrying capacity as a standard TIE Fighter.  Two extra wingtip lasers create double the firepower capability, and a proton bomb bay on the ventral side allow the Tie Striker pilots to deploy a massive amount of firepower on the battlefield.  Rebel terrorists across the galaxy will shake in fear when watching these mighty starfighters descend from orbit!  Check out the stats for this amazing new fighter that will change the battle against the evil Rebel Alliance.

TIE Striker
(While I recommend moving to Attack mode and using Piloting (Planetary) as the skill to use for in-atmosphere actions, GM's should use their discretion.  I chose this because the curved wings and special maneuvers the ship can make within the atmosphere are quite different from space piloting.  However, GM's should be open to players using Piloting (Space) as well if their group would prefer.)

Silhouette: 3
Flight Mode
Speed - Piloting (Space): 4
Handling - Piloting (Space): +1
Attack Mode (In atmosphere)
Speed - Piloting (Planetary): 5
Handling - Piloting (Planetary): +3
No Shield Zones
Armor: 2
Hull Trauma: 8
System Strain: 10
Hull Type/Class: Starfighter/TIE Series
Manufacturer: Sienar Fleet Systems
Hyperdrive & Navicomputer: None
Sensor Range: Close
Ship's Complement: One Pilot
Encumbrance Capacity: 8
Passenger Capacity: 0
Consumables: Two weeks
Price/Rarity: 200,000 credits (R)/8
Customization Hard Points: 0
Weapons: Forward cockpit and wingtip-mounted medium laser cannons (Fire Arc Forward; Damage 6; Critical 3; Range [Close]; Linked 3.
Ventral-mounted Proton Bomb Bay - For surface targets only (Fire Arc Down; Damage 7; Critical 2; Range [Close]; Breach 8, Blast 7, Limited Ammo 6)

All Terrain Armored Cargo Transport (AT-ACT)

AT-ACT - This is a copyrighted promotional image. It is believed that it may be used under the fair use provision of United States copyright law.Striking fear into the hearts of enemies of peace and freedom everywhere, the All Terrain Armored Transport, or AT-AT, has been a staple of Imperial ground forces for many years.  Now, your Galactic Empire has taken this awesome piece of military might and given it an upgrade.  Introducing the new AT-ACT, or the All Terrain Armored Cargo Transport.

This new piece of equipment from Kuat Drive Yards is a sight to behold.  Larger than a standard AT-AT, this walker is designed to carry vast amounts of cargo or troops to where they need to go.  Able to carry more, this vehicle can be deployed to Imperial construction projects like shipyards or research installations.

Where this new vehicle really shines is its center cargo bed.  A different color than the rest of the AT-ACT, it can quickly be deployed to the ground using repulsorlift technology.  Precious cargo, equipment, or up to 50 troops can then be quickly offloaded.  With the heavy armor of the AT-ACT, the walker can walk straight into the heart of battle before deploying our troops, guaranteeing they will stay safe until their time is needed.

But don’t think this beast is just meant for cargo!  Its heavy laser cannons can lay waste to any rebel terrorist that tries to rob us of peace!

So check out the statistics of this mighty beast that will have rebel terrorists running for cover!

(SPECIAL NOTE: After seeing Rogue One multiple times and listening to some podcasts and interviews from the filmmakers, I am modifying my initial stats on the AT-ACT.  We saw the Rebels knock out one by shooting out its leg with an Ion turret, and another while its cargo bed was deployed and its central body more hollow.
This explains why in The Empire Strikes Back, we hear Luke say, "That armor's too strong for blasters!" In the years between Rogue One and Episode V, the Empire was able to upgrade the armor and make it highly resistant to normal blaster fire.  So, I am lowering the armor, hull trauma, and system strain to reflect how they behaved in the film.  I hope everyone enjoys!)

Silhouette: 4
Speed: 1
Handling: -3
No Shield Zones
Armor: 3
Hull Trauma: 28
System Strain: 20
Vehicle Type/Model: Heavy Assault Walker/AT-ACT
Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards
Sensor Range: Short
Crew: One pilot, one co-pilot/gunner, one vehicle commander, one engineer, one loadmaster
Encumbrance Capacity: 130
Passenger Capacity: 50
Price/Rarity: 175,000 credits (R)/7
Customization Hard Points: 3
Weapons: Forward-mounted twin heavy laser cannons (Fire Arc Forward; Damage 6; Critical 3; Range [Short]; Linked 1)
Special Ability: As a maneuver, the AT-ACT may deploy its center cargo bed to the ground. The vehicle must be stopped for this to happen.

Citizens of this great Empire, rest easy at night knowing the Imperial military and our beloved troops are out there fighting for you.  With new vehicles like this on the battlefield, it will not be long before the rebel terrorists are brought to justice and peace is restored to the galaxy!

(I did my best in creating these stats based on what we know so far about the vehicles, which is limited until the release of Rogue One.  I may change these after the movie arrives and we know more about them.  All pictures in this article are copyrighted promotional images.  It is believed that they may be used under the fair use provision of United States copyright law.)

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