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Hot scoop! Following up on last week’s FAQ leak and ahead of GenCon I have received some leaks about the upcoming X-Wing Wave XII. Don’t worry about this leak turning out to be false. I got them from a totally legit source. We wouldn’t want to get your hopes up for nothing.

First up we have the new TIE Silencer from the highly anticipated Episode VIII. We don’t have much about this ship, just Kylo Ren as a pilot. This won’t be a huge surprise, as information about this ship that has leaked in regards to other toys has already identified it as Kylo’s new ship. What’s interesting is that it seems to come with the Cloak action, the first non-Phantom to do so. As the Advanced Cloaking Device is TIE Phantom only it won’t see the cloak used as much as the Phantoms but with its three native agility, it will be even harder to kill when cloaked.

What is interesting about the design is it appears FFG has tried to embrace the cross over of the TIE Interceptor and TIE Advanced. It has actions, upgrades and health similar to an Advanced but the attack of an Interceptor. With Cloak it might be as slippery as an Interceptor. We’ll have to wait for the dial to really know where it falls.

Unfortunately, we did not get any information on the upcoming Scum ships. But we did get a big scoop on the Rebel ship; the N-1 Starfighter. The base line stats for this ship are not particularly surprising. Two attack, three agility with astromech and torpedo upgrade slots. Naturally, it has a barrel roll action (“Do a barrel roll, that’s a neat trick!”). But what is surprising is three hull and one shield. This opens the door to the ship equipping the Pulse Ray Shield to recover shields. Of course, with an astromech slot it already has access to shield regeneration but with only one shield it won’t be insane.

What’s really interesting are two of the more advanced pilots. Naturally, Sabine comes as a pilot. As has been FFG policy, all new waves must feature Sabine in some way. Wave 8 introduced her as a pilot and crew. Wave 9 again added her as a pilot for the Lancer. Wave 10 yet again added her as a pilot for a TIE Fighter, which was even named after her. Wave 11 didn’t add any more pilots but did focus on bombs, giving her crew more of a spotlight.

The big reveal, however, is the top pilot for the ship. The pilot we’ve all been hoping and praying would some day be added to the game has finally come. Hero of the Republic, savior of Naboo, General Jar-Jar Binks. A new day has dawned in X-wing.

Our hero has a pilot ability to match his unique flavor. A master of getting out of tricky situations, General Jar-Jar has a special pilot skill that is always one higher than your opponent’s. Roark Garnat, eat your heart out as Jar-Jar becomes PS13.

What is very thematically appropriate is the second half of his ability. Jar-Jar is a master of turning certain defeat into success as well as turning the simplest task into an insurmountable challenge. When rolling defense dice, Jar-Jar reverses all of his evade and blank results. No longer will blanking out on your defense roll mean certain death. Of course, that perfect triple evade roll could be your demise.

Remember, these leaks are totally realSo, are you looking forward to Wave XII of X-wing?




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