Star Wars Destiny Dice Control- Part 2- Dice Manipulation

“Control! You must learn control!”

-Jedi Master Yoda

There are a few main strategies to any Destiny game. Do you want to throw on a ton of damage as fast as possible? Do you want to burn through your opponent’s deck and mill them? In either case you’ll want to try and control the flow of the game by manipulating your opponent’s dice. Today we’re going to look at all the various ways you can do that in Awakenings and Spirit of Rebellion. We are only going to look at characters and cards that can affect your opponent’s dice, as manipulating your own dice is a different kind of thing. In part one, we looked at dice removal and here in part two we’re going to focus on dice manipulation.

Dice Modification

Villain (Name – Type – Cost)

  • Sweep the Area – Event – 0
    • Count the number of ready Red characters you have. Reroll that many of an opponent’s dice.
    • This is good with a red swarm list to maximize the number of ready red characters you have.
  • Trench Warfare – Event – 0
    • Play only if you have one or more dice showing a shield. Turn any number of an opponent’s dice to sides showing shields.
    • This is a great control for a mill deck since you don’t care about shields. Or if you have vibroknife.
  • Night Sister – Character
    • Action – Reroll a die. Deal 1 damage to this character.
  • Immobilize – Upgrade – 2
    • Action – Remove this die to turn a die to a side showing a blank (-).
    • This is a great option for an upgrade. If the dice rolls something you don’t need, or a blank, you can still use it to blank out an opponent’s dice.
  • Force Choke – Upgrade – 2
    • Special: Deal 1 unblockable damage to another character. Then you may turn one of its character or upgrade dice to any side.
    • Damage and dice manipulation all in one. With two special sides it has a good chance of turning up.
  • Now I am the Master – Upgrade – 1
    • After attached character’s character or upgrade dice deal damage, you may exhaust this upgrade to turn a die to a side showing a blank.
    • It takes up a valuable upgrade slot but at only one point it’s worth getting out early. Free dice manipulation after doing damage.
  • Manipulate – Event – 0
    • Turn one of your dice to a side showing a blank. Then turn an opponent’s die to a side showing a blank.
    • This works great in conjunction with other things, such immobilize which will allow you to still use the blank you just gave yourself.
  • Jabba the Hutt – Character
    • After you activate this character, you may reroll a Yellow die.
    • You often use this ability to reroll your own dice just after activating Jabba. But it can also be used to reroll an opponent’s dice. It is limited to yellow dice so dice manipulation on an opponent is fairly limited.
  • Doubt – Event – 0*
    • Reroll an opponent’s die. Then that opponent either resolves that die or removes it.
    • This is another one that sort of crosses the line between manipulation and removal. Your opponent will be removing the dice but possibly after getting some benefit from it.

Hero (Name – Type – Cost)

  • Delta-7 Interceptor – Support – 3
    • Special– Reroll up to 3 dice (yours and/or your opponent’s).
    • This one is interesting in that you can mix and match which dice you reroll.
  • Your Eyes Can Deceive You – Support – 1
    • After one of your dice rolls a shield, you may exhaust this support to turn an opponent’s die to any side.
    • This is a great support to give someone like Qui-Gon who wants to roll lots of shields.
  • Infiltrate – Upgrade – 1
    • Special: Reroll up to two of your opponent’s dice with the special symbol showing.
    • This can be a tricky one to pull off, requiring you to roll a special and then your opponent have specials come up on their dice.  But, if they have specials on their dice they probably want to use them.
  • Daring Escape – Event – 2*
    • Ambush. (You may take one additional action after you play this card.) Reroll any number of an opponent’s dice. Then remove all of their dice showing blanks.
    • I did not include this one in part 1, Dice Removal, because the dice removal is fairly conditional. You can definitely use it for dice manipulation and then might be able to also remove dice.

Neutral (Name – Type – Cost)

  • Force Push – Upgrade – 3
    • Special- Turn up to 2 of an opponent’s dice to sides of your choice.
    • Choosing a side is always preferable to a reroll.  Costly upgrade but with two specials and two damage sides you have a lot of options.
  • Disturbance in the Force – Event -1
    • Reroll all dice.
    • This one is risky because “all” includes your own but sometimes that’s exactly what you need.
  • Use the Force – Event – 1
    • Spot a Blue character to turn a die to any side.
    • Great for using on yourself or your opponent.
  • Scramble – Event – 0
    • Spot a Yellow character to reroll all of an opponent’s dice.
    • Similar to Disturbance in the Force but has a zero cost and only affects your opponent so in many ways much better.
  • Unpredictable – Event – 0
    • Ambush (After playing this card, you may immediately take one additional action.) Reroll a die (yours or an opponent’s).
    • This one us usually better to use on yourself in an attempt to reroll a die into something useful and then use your ambush to resolve it. But rerolling an opponent’s die and then still getting another action can be useful too.
  • Astromech – Support – 2
    • Action – Remove this die to turn a vehicle die to any side.
    • This is a great counter to an opponent using some of the powerful starships or who has an AT-ST.
  • Comlink – Upgrade – 2
    • After you play this upgrade, you may reroll any number of your dice or any number of an opponent’s dice.
    • The upgrade is so-so for a two cost upgrade but if you use to force a reroll and then play a better upgrade over it later it’s a great manipulation.
  • Resolve- Support – 1
    • Action – Discard a card from your hand to reroll an opponent’s die.
    • This is a little pricey for a reroll. You only affect one die for the cost of a card and a resource.
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