Shadow Over Tarkintown – A Star Wars RPG Rebels Beginner Game

When the Star Wars Rebels animated series first debuted, more than a few Star Wars RPG players noticed a similarity between the crew of the Ghost and the groups of Edge of the Empire player characters that are risking life and limb to complete their latest missions. It seemed like a natural pairing to combine the show with the game. The diverse crew with different personalities and roles mirrored what could be expected from a group of PCs. Each episode could be translated into an RPG mission. With this in mind, the unofficial player-made Rebels Source Book, Spark of Rebellion, was created. The book provides information about the planet Lothal, vehicles and equipment seen in the show, and even attempted to give stats to the main characters.

That connection between the game and show has been taken a step further with the release of a Beginner Game set on Lothal and tied in with events of the series. Shadow Over Tarkintown is modeled after the official Beginner Games, with pre-made characters, detailed maps, and an exciting adventure that throws the players right into the action as the Empire storms through the refugee settlement known as Tarkintown in hopes of flushing out the Rebel scum that has disrupted Imperial operations on the planet.

For those interested in trying out the Star Wars RPG for the first time and fans of the Rebels show, this is the perfect combination to dive into the fun and unlimited world of the FFG Star Wars RPG system. The entire package needed to run the game, including the adventure book, pre-made PC portfolios, maps, and character tokens, is now available to download.

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Steve "Jaspor" Orr

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  1. Hi Tony,
    There are several good tools for playing PnP games online. The most popular combo these days are using with Google Hangouts. It works very very well, and I ran this Beginner Game twice using that method during our beta testing period before releasing it.

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