X-Wing Pilot Point Chart

Note: Update 4/17/2017 through Wave 10 and C-ROC

A few months ago we produced a chart that broke down all of the pilots in X-wing by Pilot Skill.  This was a useful tool for building lists when you’re interested in finding a pilot with a particular pilot skill. However, more often than not, when you’re making a list in X-wing you’re usually looking for a pilot that is a particular point value. So today, here is a similar chart that breaks down pilots by their point value.

In addition to covering all of the game’s pilots in their base formation we have also included some pilots with their most common build. There are not to many of these, just ones that will almost always come with the same upgrades when flown.

Note: As of this writing there are still a few generics from Wave 8 whose point cost haven’t yet been revealed. The chart will be updated upon release.

Point Value Rebels Imperials Scum
  • PS2- Bandit Squadron (Z-95)

  • PS1- Academy Pilot (TIE Fighter)


  • PS1- Binayre Pirate (Z-95)
  • PS2- Cartel Spacer (Light M3-A)
  • PS3- Zeb Orrelious (TIE Fighter)
  • PS4- Tala Squadron (Z-95)
  • PS3- Obsidian Squadron (TIE Fighter)
  •  PS3- Black Sun Soldier (Z-95)
  •  PS4- Captain Rex (TIE Fighter)
  • PS3- Chaser (TIE Fighter)
  • PS4- Black Squadron (TIE Fighter) (EPT)
  • PS4- Wampa (TIE Fighter)
  • PS1- Sunny Bounder (M3-A)
  • PS2- Cartel Spacer (M3-A)
  • PS1- Prototype Pilot (A-Wing) (Chardaan Refit)
  • PS5- Sabine Wren (TIE Fighter)
  • PS1- Epsilon Squadron (TIE/FO)
  • PS5- Winged Gundark (TIE Fighter)
  • PS5- Nightbeast (TIE Fighter)
  • PS6- Youngster (TIE Fighter) (EPT)
  • PS1- Jakku Gunrunner (Quadjumper)
  • PS3- Inaldra (M3-A) (EPT)
  • PS5- Kaa’To Leeachos (Z-95) (EPT)
  • PS2- Rebel Operative (HWK-290)
  • PS2- Scimitar Squadron (TIE Bomber)
  • PS2- Sienar Test Pilot (TIE Adv Prototype)
  • PS3- Zeta Squadron (TIE/FO)
  • PS6- Dark Curse (TIE Fighter)
  • PS6- Backstabber (TIE Fighter)
  •  PS1- Spice Runner (HWK-290)
  • PS1- Prototype Pilot (A-Wing)
  • PS3- Green Squadron Pilot (A-Wing) (Chardaan Refit)
  • PS6- Lt. Blount (Z-95) (EPT)
  • PS7- Ahsoka Tano (TIE Fighter) (EPT)
  • PS1- Imperial Trainee (TIE Striker)
  • PS3- Deathfire (TIE Bomber)
  • PS4- Omega Squadron (TIE/FO) (EPT)
  • PS4- Epsilon Ace (TIE/FO)
  • PS7- Mauler Mithel (TIE Fighter) (EPT)
  • PS7- Scourge (TIE Fighter) (EPT)
  • PS3- Unkar Plutt (Quadjumper)
  • PS5- Tansarii Point Veteran (M3-A) (EPT)
  • PS7- N’dru Suhlak (Z-95) (EPT)
  • PS2- Gold Squadron (Y-Wing)
  • PS3- Zeb Orrelious (Attack Shuttle)
  • PS1- Alpha Squadron (TIE Interceptor)
  • PS3- Scarif Defender (TIE Striker)
  • PS4- Gamma Squadron (TIE Bomber)
  • PS5- Zeta Ace (TIE/FO) (EPT)
  • PS8- Howlrunner (TIE Fighter) (EPT)
  • PS2- Syndicate Thug (Y-Wing)
  • PS5- Sarco Plank (Quadjumper) (EPT)
  • PS6- Laetin A’shera (M3-A)
  • PS6- Quinn Jast (M3-A) (EPT)
  • PS3- Green Squadron (A-Wing) (EPT)
  • PS4- Roark Garnet (HWK-290)
  • PS8- Airen Cracken (Z-95) (EPT)
  • PS4- Baron of the Empire (TIE Adv Prototype) (EPT)
  • PS5- Gamma Squadron Veteran (TIE Bomber) (EPT)
  • PS6- Epilson Leader (TIE/FO)
  • PS1- Jakku Gunrunner (Quadjumper) (Pattern Analyzer + Spacetug Tractor Array)
  • PS3- Torkil Mux (HWK-290)
  • PS7- Genesis Red (M3-A) (EPT)
  • PS7- Constable Zuvio (Quadjumper) (EPT)
  • PS1- Procket Protoype Pilot (A-Wing) (Proton Rockets)
  • PS4- Grey Squadron (Y-Wing)
  • PS4- Ezra Bridger (Attack Shuttle) (EPT)
  • PS4(2)- Green Squadron (A-Wing) (Crackshot, Adaptability, Autothrusters)
  • PS3- Avenger Squadron (TIE Interceptor)
  • PS4- Black Squadron Scout (TIE Striker) (EPT)
  • PS5- Countdown (TIE Striker)
  • PS7- Omega Ace (TIE/FO) (EPT)
  • PS7- Zeta Leader (TIE/FO) (EPT)
  • PS1- Zealous Recruit (Protectorate)
  • PS2- Cartel Marauder (Kihraxz)
  • PS4- Hired Gun (Y-Wing)
  • PS5- Palob Godhali (HWK-290) (EPT)
  • PS8- Serissu (M3-A) (EPT)
  • PS2- Rookie Pilot (X-Wing)
  • PS5- Sabine Wren (Attack Shuttle) (EPT)
  • PS6- Kyle Katarn (HWK-290) (EPT)
  • PS2- Tempest Squadron (TIE Advanced)
  • PS2- Omicron Group (Lambda)
  • PS2- Cutlass Squadron (TIE Punisher)
  • PS4- Saber Squadron (TIE Interceptor) (EPT)
  • PS8- Omega Leader (TIE F/O) (EPT)
  •  None
  • PS2- Blue Squadron (B-Wing)
  • PS5- Gemmer Sojan (A-Wing)
  • PS7- Hera Syndulla (Attack Shuttle) (EPT)
  • PS6- Captain Jonus (TIE Bomber) (EPT)
  • PS6- Valen Rudor (TIE Adv Prototype) (EPT)
  • PS6- Royal Guard (TIE Interceptor) (EPT)
  • PS6- Pure Sabaac (TIE Striker) (EPT)
  • PS3- Concord Dawn Veteran (Protectorate) (EPT)
  • PS5- Drea Renthal (Y-Wing)
  • PS2- Warden Squadron (K-Wing)
  • PS2- Blue Squadron Pathfinder (U-Wing)
  • PS3- Tarn Mison (X-Wing)
  • PS4- Red Squadron (X-Wing)
  • PS6- Arvel Crynyd (A-Wing)
  • PS6- Dutch Vander (Y-Wing)
  • PS3- Lt. Colzet (TIE Advanced)
  • PS3- Zeta Specialist (TIE S/F)
  • PS4- Storm Squadron (TIE Advanced)
  • PS4- Black Eight Squadron (TIE Punisher)
  • PS5- Lt. Lorrir (TIE Interceptor)
  • PS5- Fel’s Wrath (TIE Interceptor)
  • PS8- Duchess (TIE Striker) (EPT)
  • PS3- Ruthless Freelancer (G1-A)
  • PS5- Black Sun Ace (Kihraxz) (EPT)
  • PS5- Concord Dawn Ace (Protectorate) (EPT)
  • PS7- Dace Bonearm (HWK-290) (EPT)
  • PS2- Blue Squadron Novice (T-70 X-Wing)
  • PS3- Hef Tobber (U-Wing)
  • PS4- Dagger Squadron (B-Wing)
  • PS7- Jake Farrrell (A-Wing) (EPT)
  • PS4- Captain Yorr (Lambda)
  • PS6- Kir Kanos (TIE Interceptor)
  • PS7- Tetran Cowell (TIE Interceptor) (EPT)
  • PS8- Tomax Bren (TIE Bomber) (EPT)
  • PS7- Kavil (Y-Wing) (EPT)
  • PS2- TLT Y-Wing (Gold Squadron Y-wing) (TLT, R2 Astromech)
  • PS3- Braylen Stramm (ARC-170)
  • PS3- Jess Pava (T-70 X-Wing)
  • PS4- Guardian Squadron (K-Wing)
  • PS4- Bodhi Rook (U-Wing)
  • PS5- Hobbie Klivian (X-Wing)
  • PS5- Biggs Darklighter (X-Wing)
  • PS8- Jan Ors (HWK-290) (EPT)
  • PS8- Horton Salm (Y-Wing)
  • PS3- Sigma Squadron (TIE Phantom)
  • PS5- Omega Specialist (TIE S/F) (EPT)
  • PS5- Cmdr. Alozen (TIE Advanced) (EPT)
  • PS7- Turr Phennir (TIE Interceptor (EPT)
  • PS8- The Inquisitor (TIE Adv Prototype) (EPT)
  • PS1- Black Sun Enforcer (StarViper)
  • PS2- TLT Y-Wing (Syndicate Thug Y-wing) (TLT, Unhinged Astromech)
  • PS3- Contracted Sc0ut (Jumpmaster 5000) (EPT)
  • PS5- Gand Findsman (G1-A) (EPT)
  • PS6- Graz the Hunter (Kihraxz)
  • PS6- Kad Solus (Protectorate) (EPT)
  • PS2- Stresshog (Gold Squad Y-Wing) (R3-A2, BTL-A4, TLT)
  • PS4- Red Squadron Veteran (T-70 X-Wing) (EPT)
  • PS4- Thane Kyrell (ARC-170)
  • PS5- Nera Dantels (B-Wing) (EPT)
  • PS6- Garven Dreis (X-Wing)
  • PS7- Jek Porkins (X-Wing) (EPT)
  • PS8- Tychu Celchu (A-Wing) (EPT)
  • PS6- Zertik Strom (TIE Advanced) (EPT)
  • PS6- Colonel Jendom (Lambda)
  • PS6- Deathrain (TIE Punisher)
  • PS7- Major Rhymer (TIE Bomber) (EPT)
  • PS8- Carnor Jax (TIE Interceptor) (EPT)
  •  PS7- Old Teroch (Protectorate) (EPT)
  • PS1- Knave Squadron (E-Wing)
  • PS1- Outer Rim Smuggler (YT-1300)
  • PS5- Blue Ace (T-70 X-Wing)
  • PS6- Cassian Andor (U-Wing) (EPT)
  • PS5- Shadow Squadron (TIE Phantom)
  • PS7- Maarek Steele (TIE Advanced) (EPT)
  • PS7- Redline (TIE Punisher)
  • PS7- Backdraft (TIE S/F) (EPT)
  • PS8- Captain Kagi (Lambda)
  • PS9- Soontir Fel (TIE Interceptor) (EPT)
  • PS3- Black Sun Vigo (StarViper)
  • PS4- Manaroo (Jumpmaster 5000) (EPT)
  • PS6- 4-LOM (Mist Hunter) (EPT)
  • PS6- Ibtisam (B-Wing) (EPT)
  • PS6- Esege Tuketu (K-Wing)
  • PS6- Shara Bey (ARC-170) (EPT)
  • PS6- Snap Wexley (T-70 X-Wing) (EPT)
  • PS8- Luke Skywalker (X-Wing) (EPT)
  • PS9- Super Jake (A-Wing, PTL, VI, Chardaan Refit, Autorthrusters)
  • PS1- Delta x7 Squadron (TIE Defender) (TIE x7 Title)
  • PS8- Juno Eclipse (TIE Advanced) (EPT)
  • PS8- Zuckuss (Mist Hunter) (EPT)
  • PS9- Talonbane Cobra (Kihraxz) (EPT)
  • PS9- Fenn Rau (Protectorate) (EPT)
  • PS3- Blackmoon Squadron (E-Wing)
  • PS6- Red Ace (T-70 X-Wing)
  • PS7- 29- Keyan Farlander (B-Wing) (EPT)
  • PS7- Norra Wexley (ARC-170) (EPT)
  • PS7- Nien Nunb (T-70 X-Wing) (EPT)
  • PS8- Miranda Doni (K-Wing)
  • PS8- Wes Janson (X-Wing) (EPT)
  • PS9- Wedge Antilles (X-Wing) (EPT)
  • PS2- Palpmobile (Lambda Shuttle) (Omicron Group Pilot, Emperor Palpatine)
  • PS9- Darth Vader (TIE Advanced) (EPT)
  • PS9- Quickdaw (TIE S/F) (EPT)
  • PS2- Trandoshan Slaver (YV-666)
  • PS2- Wild Space Fringer (YT-2400)
  • PS7- Ello Atsy (T-70 X-wing) (EPT)
  • PS1- Delta Squadron (TIE Defender)
  • PS2- Starkiller Base Pilot (Upsilon Shuttle)
  • PS6- Echo (TIE Phantom) (EPT)
  • PS5- Guri (Starviper) (EPT)
  • PS7- Tel Trevura (Jumpmaster 5000) (EPT)
  • PS8- Ten Numb (B-Wing) (EPT)
  • PS8- Poe Dameron (T-70 X-Wing) (EPT)
  •  PS3- Lt. Dormitz (Upsilon Shuttle)
  • PS7- Prince Xizor (StarViper) (EPT)
  • PS3- Eaden Vrill (YT-2400)
  • PS5- Etahn A’baht (E-Wing) (EPT)
  • PS3- Onyx Squadron (TIE Defender)
  • PS4- Major Stridan (Upsilon Shuttle)
  • PS7- Whisper (TIE Phantom) (EPT)
  •  None
  • PS9- Poe Dameron (T-70 X-Wing) (EPT)
  • PS3- Bounty Hunter (Firespray)


  • PS2- Shadowport Hunter (Lancer)
  • PS5- Latts Razzi (YV-666)
  • PS9- Dengar (Jumpmaster 5000) (EPT)


  • PS5- Leebo (YT-2400) (EPT)


  • PS5- Countess Ryad (TIE Defender) (EPT)
  • PS6- Glaive Squadron (TIE Defender) (EPT)
  • PS6- Kylo Ren (Upsilon Shuttle) (EPT)


  • PS6- Moralo Eval (YV-666)


  • PS3- Lothal Rebel (VCX-100)
  • PS8- Corran Horn (E-Wing) (EPT)
  • PS8- TLT Miranda (K-Wing) (TLT)


  • PS6- Colonel Vessery (TIE Defender) (EPT)
  • PS7- Maarek Steele (TIE Defender) (EPT)
  • PS9- Super Soontir (TIE Interceptor) (PTL, Autothrusters, RG, Stealth Device
  • PS11- Super Vader (TIE Advanded) (VI, EU, ATC)


  • PS5- Mandalorian Mercenary (Firespray (EPT)
  • PS5- Sabine Wren (Lancer)
  • PS7- Bossk (YV-666) (EPT)
  • PS7- Dash Rendar (YT-2400) (EPT)


  • PS5- Krassis Trellix (Firespray) (EPT)


  • PS6- IG-88 A/B/C/D (Aggressor) (EPT)
  • PS6- Emon Azzameen (Firespray)
  • PS4- Chopper (VCX-100)
  • PS10- Super Poe (T-70 X-Wing) (VI, R5-P9, Autothrusters)


  • PS8- Rexler Brath (TIE Defender) (EPT)
  • PS6- Asajj Ventress (Lancer) (EPT)
  • PS3- Resistance Sympathizer (YT-1300)
  • PS6- Kanan Jarrus (VCX-100)


  • PS7- Kath Scarlett (Firespray) (EPT)
  • PS7- Kath Scarlett (Firespray) (EPT)
  • PS7- Ketsu Onyo (Lancer) (EPT)
  •  None
  • PS8- Boba Fett (Firespray) (EPT)


  • PS5- Super Guri (Starviper) (Lonewolf, Sensor Jammer, Autorthrusters, Virago)
  • PS8- Boba Fett (Firespray) (EPT)
  • PS7- Hera Syndulla (VCX-100)


  • PS3- Patrol Leader (Decimator)
  •  None
  •  None
  •  None
  •  None
  • PS5- Chewbacca (YT-1300) (EPT)
  • PS4- Captain Oicunn (Decimator)
  •  None
  •  None
  •  None
  •  None
  • PS7- Lando Calrissian (YT-1300) (EPT)
  •  PS6- Cmdr. Kenkrik (Decimator) (EPT)
  •  None
  •  PS8- Rey (YT-1300) (EPT)
  •  None
  •  None
  • PS9- Han Solo (YT-1300) (EPT)
  • PS10- Super Corran (E-Wing) (VI, EU, R2-D2, FCS)
  • PS8- RA Chiraneau (Decimator) (EPT)
  •  None


We won’t do any kind of real indepth analysis here. I will point out that I find it interesting that there are no 14pt Rebel ships and no 21pt or 26pt Scum ships.

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