Ammo Chances- Yellow Heroes of Invincibility

Spirit of Rebellion has come and has shaken up the Destiny world. At least for those that were able to get their hands on some of the cards. Fortunately, while things sold out pretty quickly, it should only be three weeks before more cards come into stock, rather than months. But we’re not here to talk about supply problems (of every kind). Instead, we’re here to talk about the unkillable heroes.

Unkillable you say? How could a character become unkillable? Well, thanks to a combo of Second Chance from Awakenings and Ammo Belt from Spirit of Rebellion you can set up a character that is pretty hard to kill.

It can be a little pricey to get set up, requiring four resources to get on the table, but once you do, your opponent will need to kill your character at least three times. After dying the first time, Second Chance triggers, healing your character five health. Then Ammo Belt will trigger, preventing Second Chance from being discarded.  Now, your character is alive and still has Second Chances that will heal them when they die the next time.

And it doesn’t have to end there. Playing your second copy of Ammo Belt will give them another life to live. And, again, it doesn’t have to end there. If you have Starship Graveyard battlefield, you can keep pulling Ammo Belt’s out of the discard pile. Even if you don’t get to choose the battlefield, you can use things like Hyperspace Jump, New Orders or the special from Ascension Gun to gain use of the claim ability.

If you don’t want to rely on the battlefield, you have cards like Cheat, Scavenge or Rebel to help you continue to get multiple uses out of Ammo Belt. All of these can steamroll to force your opponent to kill your character more times than a cat. To make things even more annoying, you can stack on Lone Operative as your final upgrade to give yourself some heals.

Jyn is a perfect candidate for this combo. First, she has eleven health which is more than any other yellow hero character aside from Chewbacca. That makes it take longer before the first life is lost.  Second, her character ability pairs nicely with this strategy as you can play many yellow events for zero cost, allowing you to save up to get second chances out. Third, her dice are incredible. None of them cost resources to use or have any modifiers. This allows her to keep causing trouble for your opponent while just stubbornly refusing to die. With two Discard results, she’s particularly suited to use Rebel to keep Ammo Belt in play.

How do you beat it?

The best tactic for defeating this combo is board control. You can approach this many different ways. First, if you can keep your opponent from getting the necessary resources to ever get Second Chances out the first time then you never need to worry about it. Accumulating three resources against a determined opponent can be hard.

Diversion is a great one to help here as it’s great fun to see your opponent weep at the loss of the three resources they struggled to get when you play your second copy.  Likewise, Lure of Power can come in handy, allowing you to modify your Disrupts. Even C-3P0 can lend a hand, allowing you to give any dice Disrupt at the most opportune time. And of course, the old standby of Local Garrison to really slow down their resource acquisition.

Second, discarding all of your opponent’s cards can keep them from ever being able to play them. It is not as effective as controlling their resources, as they will probably have several ways to get cards back out of their discard pile, but if you burn those cards too so much the better.

The third and most difficult tactic is to plan for it. Pace your damage so you can kill your opponent’s character and then kill them again before a new copy of Second Chance or Ammo Belt can be played. Never overkill someone with Second Chance as the extra damage will just go to waste.

You could also take the Eravana battlefield and move Ammo Belt to a different character. Nothing quite like having a useless upgrade taking up space.

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  1. I would love to play Destiny more. I can’t get cards. I can’t find them anywhere. A local store required you to play in a ‘release’ tournament to get the new ones and 1) I didn’t want to and 2) I couldn’t be there during the timeframe anyway. FFG is normally top notch but they need to double production or triple it. You just can’t find anything. I still have a back order from christmas for the old boosters waiting.

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