Lore Check – Imperial Storm Commando


Storm Commando (Wookieepedia)
Storm Commando
(Source: Instant Adventures (WEG), Copyright LFL 1997)


Brawn 3     Agility 3     Intellect 2     Cunning 3     Presence 2     Willpower 2

Melee 2
Perception 1
Ranged (Heavy) 2
Ranged (Lt) 2
Skulduggery 2
Stealth 3

Adversary 1
Stalker 2 (+2 Boost to Coordination and Stealth checks)

Other Abilities
Shadowed (+2 Boost to Steath in darkness or shadows)
Swipe 1 (In melee, spend 1 Advantage to deal 1 Strain to engaged target)

Soak: 5 Defense: 0/0
Wound Threshold: 13

Force Rating: 0
Lt. Blaster: Ranged (Lt) Dam 5, Crit 4, Med range, Stun setting
Blaster Carbine: Ranged (Heavy), Dam 9, Crit 3, Med Range, Stun setting
Vibroknife: Melee, Dam 4, Crit 2, Engaged, Pierce 2, Vicious 1
Sotrm Commando armor (+2 soak) (Laminate) w/ Enh. Optics suite (removes up to 2 Setback from Perception, Vigilance & combat cks, due to darkness, smoke, fog or other env. effects that obscure vision)
Encrypted commlink

References: O’Brien, Timothy S. et al. Star Wars Instant Adventures (Honesdale, Pennsylvania: West End Games, 1997), 59-64

Little, Jay et al. Age of Rebellion (Roseville, Minnesota: Fantasy Flight Games, 2014), 414-415

Wookieepedia Storm Commandos

Design Notes: The opponents in the WEG/D6 Star Wars adventure “Operation: Shadowstrike,” converted for use in my Age of Rebellion Skype campaign but suitable for use with all FFG Star Wars groups tangling with the Empire. Since the various sources describe them as answers to the Alliance’s SpecForces and guerrilla tactics, I started with the AoR Rebel SpecForce Infiltrator stats and made a few changes. I added Ranged (Heavy) to the skill list and changed out some of the weapons and the armor to better match the skill and equipment lists in the WEG stats.

Be mindful that these are tough opponents, and can also be very hard for the party to track or detect, especially with Concealment at night or from many environmental conditions, when they will have 4 Boost to Stealth.

Playtesters: Donovan Morningfire, Dr. Xerox, and Empty Bacta Tank, of the Friday Night Skype group.

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