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Greetings and welcome to d20 Radio’s Gamer Nation Blog!

The gamer blog d20 nation radio game? What?

Yeah, it’s a bit of a mouthful. d20 Radio is a network of gamers, often called the Gamer Nation. We originated with the Order 66 Podcast in 2008 by Dave Villegas and Chris Witt. The podcast spawned a network of other gaming podcasts. This network spawned the Gamer Nation, a collection of gamers from around the world. This, in turn, led to the creation of GN Studios, a game development company and Gamer Nation Con, a gaming convention held in Dallas every year.

And now a gaming blog I take it?

That would be correct.

So what are you going to write about?


Yeah, I figured that out you cheeky…

Sorry. We will be writing about gaming and all it’s many aspects. We’ll look at all types of gaming; board games, RPG’s, card games, miniature, etc. There are no immediate plans to touch on computer gaming but that is not a hard rule.

We are going to have a minimum of one daily article, each day covering a different topic.

Monday- Lore Check: These articles will cover RPG related topics. Often focusing on character, npc or adversary stats, backgrounds for NPC’s to interact with, adventure hooks and some touches of GM wisdom.

Tuesday- Tabletop Tuesday: These articles will focus on non-RPG gaming. Board, card and miniatures. We’ll review games and talk about anything else related to your favorite games.

Wednesday- Rules Lawyer:  Ever have a tough question about a rule? Or wonder why games use certain mechanics over others? These articles will delve into the nitty-gritty of games and how they work.

Thursday- Black Market: Gamer’s need stuff. Whether it’s loot and gear for your RPG character or it’s a box to store your miniatures in, gamers have lots of needs. This segment will look at all the types of gear you or your characters can acquire.

Friday- Ask a Gamer: Questions about how to deal with issues at the table? Wonder how to get a gamer group together or how to convince your non-gamer friends to try a game out? These segments will cover advice from gaming experts based on their many years in the field.

That all sounds pretty awesome. Is it free? 

Of course! This is the internet. No one pays for things anymore.

So how do you pay for the site and your writers? Am I going to be bombarded by ads all over the place? Because I’ll have you know I am perfectly comfortable with the size of my…

The Gamer Nation blog is funded through our Patreon campaign. Anyone who enjoys what we produce, whether in these gaming articles or from one of our podcasts, can contribute as little as $3 a month to the campaign. All the content remains free though there are a few perks for our patrons.

That sounds cool. Just let me get the Fry meme about having you shut up and take my money…

I can take a hint.  Look for our first Rules Lawyer segment premiering later today.


Once more unto the games…



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