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Welcome to the HoloNet Uplink, citizen. This series focuses on Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars Roleplaying Game, with content aimed mostly at the Gamemaster. Threats, adventure seeds, rules supplements, and more are all to come for those who access The HoloNet Uplink.

Over the holidays I dipped my toe into the tropical Scarif water that is writing up RPG material from Rogue One by producing stats for the shoretrooper, the E22 blaster rifle, and the TIE Striker. Now that I have Pablo Hidalgo’s amazing Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide I think its time to dive right into getting all this new material into the Star Wars Roleplaying Game. Next up is the new Imperial shuttle: the Zeta-class.

Zeta-class Cargo Shuttle

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A versatile transport craft utilizing modular cargo pods, this shuttle has become a workhorse for the Empire. The Zeta-class can be seen passing through spaceports and transfer points throughout the galaxy, ferrying cargo for the Imperial military and civilian government departments alike. Working in conjunction with larger Eta-class supply barges and titanic Field Secured Container Vessels, this cargo shuttle fills an important medium lift role. The modular cargo pod system provides flexibility and speed. Each pod is equipped with standardized fittings allowing a trained crew to drop off or pick up pods within moments. A technician’s station on the lower deck manages the shuttle’s interface with the cargo pod. With Imperial logistical operations ramping up throughout the galaxy the fleet has found itself hard pressed to recruit enough pilots to crew the Zeta-class. Recent recruits without full security clearances have been pressed into service. Pilots without proper clearances are blocked from accessing information on their cargo by physical locks and computer encryption.

Sil 5; Speed 3; Handling -2; Def 2/1/1/2 Armor 4
Hull Trauma 30; System Strain 20

Hull Type/Class: Cargo Shuttle/Zeta-class.
Manufacturer: Telgorn Corporation with Sienar Fleet Systems
Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 2, Backup: Class 10.
Navicomputer: Yes.
Sensor Range: Short.
Crew: One pilot, one co-pilot, one technician.
Encumbrance Capacity: 200 internally + Modular Cargo Pod.
Passenger Capacity: Variable, 20+ depending on cargo requirements.
Consumables: Two months.
Price/Rarity: 160,000 credits / 5
Customization Hard Points: 1.
Weapons: Two wing-mounted twin heavy laser cannons (Fire Arc Forward; Damage 6; Critical 3; Range [Short]; Linked 1), two (or three, see design notes) hull-mounted twin medium laser cannons (Fire Arc Forward; Damage 6; Critical 3; Range [Close]; Linked 1),

Additional Rule: Modular Cargo Pods (May be fitted with any compatible cargo pod, see examples below. Attaching or dropping a cargo pod takes five minutes under normal conditions with no check required. A character may drop the pod immediately with a successful Hard (3 Purple) Piloting (Space) or Mechanics Check. Imperial vessels are generally fitted with either bulk or secure cargo pods.)

Modular Cargo Pods

Bulk Cargo Pod: Add 400 Encumbrance Capacity. In addition, treat this pod as if it had 2 Customization Hard Points for the purpose of attachments. GMs should apply their discretion on how attachments fitted to the pod would work. Price: 5,000 / 3.

Secure Cargo Pod: Add 200 Encumbrance Capacity. Any attempt to tamper with the cargo pod requires a successful Hard (3 Purple) Computers or Skullduggery Check. Price: 7,500 / 5.

Pre-Fab Structure Pod: This pod is a pre-fabricated structure of some sort, such as a workshop, command post, or living space. Availability and price will vary by function.

Covert Anti-Piracy Missile Pod: Add the following weapons, each operated by a gunner droid brain (each may perform one action per turn to make a Gunnery check at Gunnery 2 and Agility 0): two pod mounted twin concussion missile launchers (Fire Arc All; Damage 6; Critical 3; Range [Short]; Blast 4, Breach 4, Guided 3, Limited Ammo 48). The pilot, co-pilot, or technician may activate or deactivate the pod’s systems as a maneuver. While inactive, an observer must succeed on a Daunting (4 Purple) Computers or Perception Check to discover this pod is carrying weapons instead of cargo. Price: 35,000 (R) / 6.

Design Notes

It is important to note that Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide lists the Zeta-class as having three hull mounted twin laser cannons and two twin heavy laser cannons on the wings. It is clear to see that the cargo shuttle has two hull mounted cannons on the side of the cockpit. However, after several looks through all the images available to me on the internet, and in consultation with my friends who have seen the movie, I cannot find the third hull mounted twin laser cannon. Squinting at the “exploding shuttle” shot from the trailer has not proved anything conclusive, but if I was the ship designer I would put a rear facing cannon in. GMs should use their own discretion on whether to ignore the third twin cannon or make a decision as to where it should be mounted.

Here’s that shot if you want to join the search for a possible rear-facing turret. Let me know what you guys think.

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  1. The aft gun may be topside, just forward of the slope down to the engines. There’s a low, wide object there a few frames before the I’ve you posted, but it’s obscured by the tip of the tree so it’s hard to identify.

    • Thanks for the Perception Check, something I’m keen to check out in some frame-by-frame analysis once we’ve got the home release.

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