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Welcome to the HoloNet Uplink, citizen. This series focuses on Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars Roleplaying Game, with content aimed mostly at the Gamemaster. Threats, adventure seeds, rules supplements, and more are all to come for those who access The HoloNet Uplink.

Thought I’d put out another planet gazetteer. This ticks a few boxes for me: I get to practice something new, I get to put out some more SWTOR content while bringing the planet into the GCW era, and I get to use the word Voss. A lot.

This is basically my second go at this type of content, so absolutely hit me up with some criticism in the comments below. Also, for more Voss action, check out my Voss Mystic Alternate Force Tradition.


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Astronavigation Data: Allied Tion Sector, Outer Rim Region

Orbital Metrics: 355 days per year / 28 hours per day

Government: totalitarian magocracy

Population: 9.7 million (Gormak 92%, Voss 8%)

Languages: Voss, Gormak, Basic

Terrain: forests, mountains, plateaus, plains

Major Cities: Voss-Ka, Gorma-Koss

Areas of Interest: Gormak Lands, Old Paths, Pelath-Ri Marches, Nightmare Lands, Shrine of Healing, Tower of Prophecy

Major Exports: art, relics, tourism, on world healing, ore (post Clone Wars)

Major Imports: technology

Trade Routes: Cadinth Run

Special Conditions: none

Background: A temperate world of unremarkable natural resources within the Outer Rim, Voss is among the rare few planets that host two native sentient species. The eponymous Voss were few in number, but their mountain city was kept safe by seemingly infallible seers and elite commandos. The Gormak, while far more numerous, were technologically inferior and lacked a counterpart to the Voss Mystics. The origin of these two species was lost to the passage of time, but subtle clues remained of a common heritage and off world influence. Hidden among the ruins of this world was the secret truth. The ancient Sith had once conquered the world, causing the Jedi to intervene and create the first Mystics who would eventually become the Voss. Over the millennia this information was lost, and eventually the planet itself was forgotten.

Rediscovered during the Cold War between the Republic and Vitiate’s Sith Empire, both powers took great interest in the mysteries of Voss. While the Sith originally sought to conquer the Voss, the planet’s ruling class of seers foresaw and thwarted this attack. Branding the would be conqueror a renegade, the Empire joined the Republic in a battle of ambassadors and spies over the favor of the Voss.

By the time of the Clone Wars, Voss had faded into near complete obscurity. The prophetic powers of the Mystics became clouded by a growing darkness weighing heavily in the Force. Thought to be the result of an unexplained waxing of the dark side, the normally insular Mystics successfully petitioned the Jedi Council for an exchange of information. A Jedi Knight and her padawan were dispatched to investigate, unearthing intriguing links between this world and both the ancient Jedi and Sith orders. Before this cooperation could bear fruit, the Jedi on world were purged alongside the rest of their order during Order 66, while Voss was subjugated by the newly born Galactic Empire.

The once unassailable city of Voss-ka, now occupied by Imperial troops, serves as the headquarters of the human governor. The Tower of Prophecy has been converted to a mere place of administration, its meditation chambers empty and stripped of valuables. The Gormak have been enslaved and are put to work extracting minerals under the cruel hand of the Mining Guild. Despite this oppression, rumors persist that some Mystics fled into the wilderness carrying what relics they could. Several risk their sanity hiding deep into the Nightmare Lands, while a handful are said to hide in the so called Spirit World.


Poorly understood by outsiders, with the deeper mysteries held sacred by the Voss Mystics, there is what science can only best describe as a “phenomenon” on Voss. Subjectively, the Spirit World appears to be a plane of existence accessible through certain Force-touched locations on world, or through arcane meditation rituals known only to a cabal of Mystics. Individuals, who need not be Force sensitive to “enter” this world, seem to project themselves into this existence and are able to interact with other entities. Experiences are highly symbolic, reminiscent of a dream or vision.

There is clearly something more to this Spirit World than simple hallucination or the visions of other Force traditions. Deepening the mystery, over the generations physical objects have been brought into and out of the Spirit World. Specifically, Force infused datacrons originating from the Rakatan Infinite Empire have been found deep within the alternate dimension. During the time of the Galactic Empire, it was whispered that some Mystics were able to actually escape into the Spirit World, taking secret knowledge and powerful artifacts with them for safekeeping.

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