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This being the fourth edition of Old School Chart Cool, perhaps it is now apparent I’m a big fan of using random charts for inspiration. I’ll repeat the refrain: these charts are meant as one tool of many in a gamemaster’s toolbox. By no means should they ever feel restrictive or set in stone. Sometimes it is easier to be creative with a prompt or guide, and the intent of these charts is to help generate those prompts.

Today’s set of charts is meant to help generate a diverse pool of Rebel soldiers. Unlike the monolithic Empire, the Rebellion is built on diversity, values individuality, and can be at times quite the rag-tag band of misfits. Presenting that individuality may be a tax on the gamemaster, however, so I hope this trooper generator can be of service.

Rebel Trooper Generator

Roll or make selections on the following charts to generate an NPC seed for further development.

Roll 1d10 to determine specialty. Note Trooper is used as a generic term for a basic squad member, compare to rifleman in contemporary militaries.

d10 Specialty
1 Trooper
2 Trooper
3 Trooper
4 Trooper
5 Medic
6 Sharpshooter
7 Technician
8 Heavy Weapons
9 Combat Engineer
10 Leader

Roll 1d10 to determine rank.

d10 Rank
1 Private
2 Private
3 Private
4 Corporal
5 Corporal
6 Corporal
7 Corporal
8 Sergeamt
9 Sergeant
10 Staff Sergeant

Roll 1d10 to determine species.

d10 Species
1 Rare Species (Your Choice)
2 Human
3 Human
4 Human
5 Twi’lek
6 Sullustan
7 Bothan
8 Wookiee
9 Rodian
10 Zabrak

Roll 1d10 to determine personality.

d10 Personality
1 Superstitious
2 Reluctant
3 Vengeful
4 Joker
5 Straight Laced
6 Pious
7 Reckless
8 Timid
9 Obsessive
10 Naive

Example Troopers

Second Lieutenant Drychiira

Seed Roles: 10 – Leader, 3 – Private (used as inspiration to pick 2Lt), 8 – Wookiee, 7 – Pious

The third son of the chief of Kashyyyk’s Kahiyuk city, the impulsive Wookiee warrior Drychiira has only weeks ago graduated the Alliance’s expedited officer training course. Drychiira is a powerful fighter and a natural leader, but his recklessness runs him afoul of the Alliance’s more cautious senior officers. Dyrchiira could be assigned to the player’s unit as commander of a sister platoon, or even be assigned (ideally temporarily) as the player’s superior. Either way, he presents an opportunity for a player character peer or even subordinate non-commissioned officer to act as a mentor to Drychiira, allowing for unique roleplaying opportunities.

This Ensign Newbie has a lot to learn, but should the player character’s provide guidance and mentoring then Drychiira will develop into a fine officer over the course of several adventures both on and off screen. If this Wookiee warrior could learn the discipline and gain the wisdom from experience, he could forge his recklessness into the audacity the Rebels need to win against a superior foe.

Corporal Jeero Kall

Seed Roles: 7 – Technician, 6 – Corporal, 9 – Rodian, 2 – Reluctant

It is an unfortunate truth that the Rebel Alliance is constantly short of soldiers to make up for losses in battle. This is especially true of technical experts and specialist troops where training and experience cannot easily be expedited. Where no suitable replacements are available, Alliance Command will resort to reassigning personnel into billets they are not necessarily qualified for. This is what brings Corporal Kall to the player character’s unit as a replacement techie.

Corporal Kall is a gifted technician and has an honest desire to help the Rebellion, but is ill prepared for a front line combat role. While qualified to a basic standard he lacks confidence with weapons and is of poor physical fitness. As such, he is extremely reluctant to perform his duties under close contact with Imperial troops. Despite these shortcomings, perceptive player characters will note his commitment to the cause. If taken under the wing of a more experienced soldier, such as a player character, Corporal Kall could become a great asset to the Rebellion.

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