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Welcome to the HoloNet Uplink, citizen. This series focuses on Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars Roleplaying Game, with content aimed mostly at the Gamemaster. Threats, adventure seeds, rules supplements, and more are all to come for those who access The HoloNet Uplink.

Third in what I’d say now qualifies as a sub-series, this edition of Old School Chart Cool provides an option to quickly generate adventure seeds suitable for Rebel cells in your Age of Rebellion games. Longer time readers will probably remember my other two forays into the old school world of random charts: the Imperial Base generator and the Cantina Patron generator.

The usual caveats apply. This is just a tool in the toolbox, you should feel free to take or leave these charts in whole or in part. Don’t like what you rolled? Roll again, just pick, make something up, it’s all up to you. The idea is to throw a few rolls, check the charts, and get some inspiration. If you’ve already got an awesome idea, by no means is this supposed to replace the normal creative process. But if you’re like me, sometimes having something to riff off of can really help get the ideas flowing.

Mission Generator Charts

Roll 1d10 and consult the Mission chart.

d10 The Mission
1 Recruitment (Individuals)
2 Sabotage / Raid
3 Rescue
4 Capture Supplies / Equipment
5 Capture Personnel
6 Destroy Military Target
7 Counter-Espionage
8 Establish Base
9 Gather Intelligence
10 Recruitment (Group) / Diplomacy

Roll 1d10 and consult the Location chart. Should you roll 1 or 10, generate an Imperial Base using the linked charts.

d10 The Location
1  An Imperial Base
2  Hutt Space
3  Backwater Outer Rim world
4  An Imperial Core World
5  A Penal Colony
6  A Primitive World
7  Factory
8  Shipyard
9  Ancient Ruins
10  An Imperial Base

Roll 1d10 to determine the Opposition.

d10 The Opposition
1 Imperial Army
2 Imperial Navy
3 Imperial Security Bureau
4 Local Security Forces
5 Hutt Cartels
6 Black Sun
7  Separatist Holdouts
8 Pro-Imperial Nobles
9 Outer Rim Mercenaries
10 Inquisitors and Retinue

As an extra option, roll on the following chart to generate a Twist.

d10 The Twist
1 Its a Trap!
2 Bad Intelligence
3  Logistical Failure
4  A Third Side Appears
5  Betrayal
6  Comms Failure
7  Extraction Complication
8  Unexpected Enemies
9  Reinforcements Arrive
10  Everything is Proceeding According to the Emperor’s Design…

Example Missions

To provide an example, and to fulfill my love of some old school chart rollin’, I took the liberty of generating two missions. I’ll flesh those out below in what I hope is some doubly useful content. I hope this not only illustrates the concept of these charts, but also serve as adventure seeds to keep in your back pocket.

Chaos on Corulag

2 – Sabotage/Raid, 4 – An Imperial Core World, 1 – Imperial Army, 4 – A Third Side Appears.

Home to not only a prestigious military academy, but also a series of research and development labs, Corulag is a centre of Imperial military thought. While the Imperial military as a whole is rightly described as monolithic and traditional in outlook, an organization with as vast a jurisdiction as the galaxy will inevitable attract creative designers and military mavericks. The Center for Alternative Battlefield Applications and Lessons Learned (CABALL)on Corulag is made up of those mavericks. The brainchild of Moff Tanniel, CABALL conducts experiments to test and produce unconventional tactics and technology in support of military objectives.

The PCs are sent on a mission to infiltrate the main CABALL facility on Corulag. Once inside, they are to sabotage the research and development process by any means available. Security is exceptionally tight on the outside, provided by elite Imperial Army troops. While not as fanatical as stormtroopers, these veteran Army troops more than make up for that with creative tactics learned through hard fought battles. Compared to the slavish dedication to standard procedure shown by most stormtroopers, these troops are thinking soldiers who are aware of the usual tricks – sneaking in should be a major challenge. Once in the facility, however, security is a bit lax. Members of this exclusive think tank are trusted to move about the facility with few security checks; unusual for an Imperial base but not unexpected given CABALL prizes creativity.

Unbeknownst to the PCs, a group of CABALL researchers plan on going rogue. They have predicted the downfall of the Empire and are planning to flee into the Outer Rim with a cache of secrets and tech. Just as the PCs’ operation is underway, this group begins to make their move. Whether this throws a wrench into the PCs’ plan, provides a much needed distraction, or even presents a recruiting opportunity, is up to the creativity of the players.

Prisoners of Fate

9 – Gather Intelligence, 5 – Penal Colony, 4 – Local Security Forces, 2 – Bad Intelligence.

Tasked with extracting information from an incarcerated felon, the PCs must infiltrate the maximum security prison world of Oovo IV. Rebel Intelligence has learned that the former crime lord Karla Hax, sentenced to life imprisonment for a series of heinous crimes, knows the identity of several deep cover ISB agents. The PCs are sent by Alliance Intelligence to extract that information. Despite the rise of the Empire, Oovo IV operates with as much independence as during the Republic. Prisoners are sent to Oovo IV to be forgotten and so long as security is not breached the Empire is unconcerned with what methods the local enforcers use. Infiltrating the facility will be a dangerous affair.

When the PCs finally meet up with Hax, it is revealed that she has no such knowledge of the ISB. At this time the enforcers of Oovo IV spring their trap. Phony intel was fed to the Alliance in order to lure the PCs to Oovo IV. The enforcers, seeking a rich reward from the Zann Consortium for Rebel agents, aim to capture the PCs alive. Tyber Zann is willing to pay top credit for bargaining chips after the Alliance broke up several slave rings on the Consortium take. The enforcers will try to trap the PCs in the prison until a team of Zann’s elite “Defiler” operatives can arrive to take custody.

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