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It’s been awhile since I’ve put a “fluffier” article up. Don’t get me wrong, I am keen on expanding my growing collection of fan generated statblocks and I’m excited to dig into the lesser covered mechanics in some of the recent sourcebooks. But I figure it is about time for another campaign seed.

While not heavily inspired by it, I suspect folks may see some parallels between the below and the first Wing Commander game. I really like the idea of having different squadrons with a stable of pilots that the PCs can learn more about and grow attached to. I’ve left the details vague, for example whether the wing is based on a carrier or ground base, to allow for easier adaptation to the type of game you want to run.

Order of Battle

Rapier Squadron [Interceptor Squadron]

Equipment: Twelve A-Wings

Squadron Leader: Commander Navda Kett

The perfectionist Commander Kett could be described as stereotypically Arkanian in her confidence. She is a firm believer in the A-Wing’s design concept, and feels that piloting one in combat is the truest test of a pilot’s ability.

Mission Seeds:

  • Scramble! – The wing has come under surprise attack. Rapier Squadron must launch immediately to defend against swarms of TIE Fighters and Bombers.
  • Barrier Combat Patrol – Rapier Squadron is tasked with flying defensive patrols. Several two fighter elements patrol at long range, while other fighters maintain readiness to launch as interceptors.
    • Twist: One of the long range elements dropped out of communication. When reinforcements arrive at their last known position, the pilots are missing from their undamaged fighters.
    • Twist: The PCs are deployed on a long range patrol when their home base/ship is attacked from the far side. They must race against time by flying through deadly terrain such as debris or asteroids to come to their comrades’ defense.
  • Fighter Sweep – The wing is preparing a major offensive against an Imperial station. Rapier Squadron must jump in first to tie up the defending TIE Fighters, allowing the other squadrons to complete their own missions.

Lance Squadron [Multirole Squadron]

Equipment: Twelve X-Wings

Squadron Leader: Commander Tahsenna Brelkin

A fiercely protective leader, Commander Brelkin serves not only as Lance Squadron Leader but also as the informal advocate for the Wing’s more junior pilots. Where Commanders Kett and Harsk are more reluctant to take on newbies, Commander Brelkin makes training and mentoring priorities for her officers. In reference to her attitude towards junior pilots and her Devaronian species, some in the Wing have taken to calling her “Matriarch”.

Mission Seeds:

  • “Wild Schutta” SEAD – Lance Squadron must destroy or suppress enemy surface based air defenses before Hammer Squadron makes a bombing run on a vital Imperial target.
  • Hit and Run – Exploiting the X-Wing’s balance of firepower and maneuverability, Lance Squadron is dispatched on a hit and run mission against an Imperial target.
    • Twist: It’s a trap. Lance Squadron must fight their way out, against both fighters and light capital ships, before overwhelming Imperial firepower destroys them.
  • Close Escort – Tasked with the direct support of a friendly force, Lance Squadron is responsible for the safe passage of allies through dangerous territory.
    • Option: Close Cooperation – some PCs fly with Lance Squadron while others fly with Hammer Squadron on a joint mission.
    • Option: Commando Strike – Lance Squadron must escort a landing craft full of commandos during insertion and extraction, and will be called upon to directly support the commandos during their mission. This could take the form of providing air cover or close air support.

Hammer Squadron [Mixed Heavy Assault Squadron]

Equipment: Six Y-Wings (BTL-S3 “two seaters”), Six B-Wings

Squadron Leader: Commander Harsk

This devout Trandoshan has hunted prey as a mercenary pilot for several years before joining the Alliance. He sees the Empire as perverting and weakening his people into slaves in all but name. Commander Harsk is a firm believer in firepower and aggression. He leads from the front, generally behind the controls of a B-Wing.

Mission Seeds:

  • Cleared Hot! – Alliance ground forces are engaged in a major surface battle with the Empire. Hammer Squadron is called on to provide urgent close air support. Extreme precision will be required as one stray torpedo could end the lives of many Alliance ground pounders in so-called friendly fire.
  • Airstrike Impossible – The Empire has overlooked an approach vector to an important installation. By flying dangerously low through close terrain, such as superstructure or cave, Hammer Squadron has a chance at striking a major blow against an Imperial facility.
  • Wolfpack Tactics – Hammer Squadron is tasked to rapidly destroy Imperial shipping moving through a hyperspace transfer point. To avoid detection, each two fighter element will jump in separately. The squadron will then use speed and firepower to cause as much damage as possible before the Imperials can flee or call in reinforcements.


Colonel Mark Percyon – Wing Commander

A reserved commander, Colonel Perycon is the epitome of “the old man.” A veteran of the Republic Navy of the Clone Wars, and the Judicial Forces before that, Perycon brings decades of experience to Liberator Wing. He is articulate and to the point during briefings with a calm, almost quiet demeanor both on and off duty. His interactions with other Wing members are friendly, but professional, with most thinking the Wing Commander prefers to keep the weight of the galaxy on his own shoulders.

Lieutenant Grom Pletseh – Intelligence Officer

One of the few Neimoidians to serve in the Alliance, the only greed Lieutenant Pletseh possesses is a greed for knowledge. Even further from the stereotype, Pletseh is very generous with intelligence reports and Imperial technical data. The Neimoidian is committed to giving Liberator Wing pilots every possible advantage. He is a quiet sort, preferring to work long hours instead of relax with the pilots of the Wing.

Chief Petty Officer Meelerko – Maintenance Chief

An elderly Xexto, Chief Petty Officer Meelerko takes maintenance of “his” starfighters extremely seriously. Meelerko is a quick worker with double the arms of the average technician, and is even quicker with a witty barb aimed at knocking an officer down a few pegs. Ultimately, Meelerko doesn’t concern himself even remotely with the business of flying. His sole concern is keeping the starfighters in top condition despite what he sees as “the worst efforts” of the pilots. The quickest way to this Xexto’s heart is scrupulous attention to operator maintenance, and even then that will earn you only a simple nod.

Pilot Roster

In addition to the above NPCs, the following list provides the bare bones required to drop pilots into your game. The intent here is to provide “NPC seeds” for you to expand with extra personality and details on an as needed basis. Consider these as fodder for your GM Holocron to be busted out when you need to fill out the players’ squadron or otherwise have add a minor Liberator Wing NPC. When using these “NPC seeds,” take note of their interaction with the PCs and consider transferring them between squadrons or promoting them as the campaign goes on. That will add to the lived in feel of the game. As your PCs develop bonds with them you can add a tragedy of war element as trusted NPC wingmen start becoming casualties.

I’ve provided 18 for a start, which is shy of the whole Wing. Don’t forget your PCs are Wing members themselves!

  • Captain Sarai Moha (Human Female; Exploit: Veteran of Scarif [Gold Squadron], was transferred prior to Yavin)
  • Captain Jik Byani (Twi’lek Male; Exploit: Ex-stunt pilot and racer)
  • Captain Sodwolsor Sunn (Duros Male; Exploit: Intuitive flying, once flew his ship back to base while temporarily blinded)
  • Captain Fenn Zamatra (Human Male; Quirk: Accomplished Jizz Singer)
  • Captain Jora Forn (Zabrak Female; Quirk: Won’t talk to pilots until they fly a combat mission)
  • Captain Visin El’Kasse (Bothan Female; Quirk: Highly deceptive fighter known for bushwhacker tactics)
  • Lieutenant Erik Kazan (Human Male; Exploit:  Veteran TIE Bomber pilot prior to defecting, intimate knowledge of Imperial starfighter tactics)
  • Lieutenant Zeeva (Chadra-Fan Male; Exploit: Friends in low places, can arrange for contraband goods)
  • Lieutenant Ji-ali Fendo (Cerean Female; Exploit: Encyclopedic knowledge of starfighters)
  • Lieutenant Wavim Darehad (Human Male; Quirk: Really hates Jizz music)
  • Lieutenant Herju Habra (Human Male; Quirk: Excessive practical joker)
  • Lieutenant Culonor Jylt (Duros Male; Quirk: Poor pilot, generally assigned as a back seater)
  • Flight Officer Erika Betzer (Human Female; Exploit: Top Graduate of her class at the Imperial Academy)
  • Flight Officer Ucah Dek (Kel’dor Female; Exploit: Very high tolerance for extreme maneuvers)
  • Flight Officer Wylett Ahran (Human Male; Quirk: Thinks he’s a really big deal, doesn’t realize he’s Ensign Newbie)
  • Flight Officer Ryna Jatti (Zeltron Female; Quirk: Constantly plays Jizz music in the quarters)
  • Flight Officer Penta Vanderri (Pantoran Male; Quirk: Tries to pass himself off as a mysterious Chiss spacer when in port)
  • Flight Officer Keelu (Rodian Male; Quirk: Doesn’t wait long enough after pressing the push to talk so the start of his comms gets cut off)
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