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Welcome to the HoloNet Uplink, citizen. This series focuses on Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars Roleplaying Game, with content aimed mostly at the Gamemaster. Threats, adventure seeds, rules supplements, and more are all to come for those who access The HoloNet Uplink.

*This The Last Jedi inspired post is spoiler free, but contains information about a group appearing in that film.

My gaming group is pretty much in agreement, the Canto Bight Police are the winners of the 2017 Star Wars Fashion Awards. Some sort of mix between Flash GordonTHX-1138, and Lando Calrissian, these guy really look the part as the police force of a luxury casino city. As with my other recent The Last Jedi content, I am writing from memory here and referring to the Visual Dictionary, so please weigh in with your thoughts on how you would stat up these officers and their Relby K-25s.

Canto Bight Police Officer [Minion]

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The beautiful coastal city of Canto Bight is kept safe and orderly by the fine beings of the Canto Bight Police Department, or such is the outward perception. On the surface, Canto Bight police appear courteous and professional – the perfect constables. Underneath the finely tailored uniforms and polished arms and equipment, CBPD officers are more hired muscle than lawbeings. Justice is no concern to these police officers; instead they ensure the resort city’s best interests are met, whether it be brutally punishing vandals or looking the other way as to the source of laborers. Law is negotiable on Canto Bight, at least for the wealthy and connected. While there are unspoken red lines, such as anything which damages the prestige and profitability of the city’s gambling establishments, almost any transgression can be overlooked for the right price.

Br 2, Ag 3, Int 2, Cun 3, Will 2, Pres 2

Soak 3, W. Threshold 5, Def M/R 1/1

Skills (group only): Charm, Melee, Perception, Ranged (Light and Heavy).

Talents: None.

Abilities: Bribable (Skill Checks to bribe or otherwise take advantage of police corruption gain 1 Automatic Advantage).

Equipment: Relby K-25 blaster (see profiles below), electro-shock prod (Melee; Damage 6; Critical 3; Engaged; Disorient 2, Stun Damage), armored uniform (+1 soak, +1 defense), multispectrum police glow rod, encrypted long range comlink

Relby K-25 Blaster

Switching between the below modes requires 2 Maneuvers.

Mode Skill Damage Crit  Range Special
Default Configuration Ranged (Light) 6 3 Medium Stun Setting
Heavy Configuration Ranged (Light) 8 3 Medium Accurate 1, Stun Setting
Rifle Configuration Ranged (Heavy) 9 3 Long Accurate 1, Stun Setting, Integrated Extra Reload
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