Gamer Nation Website Relaunch!

d20radio_logo_300Welcome to The Gamer Nation, your source for tabletop game information, role-playing guidance and all around gaming goodness!  Over the next few weeks and months, many of our contributors will be writing articles on topics they are passionate about with the goal of providing great content that you can use in your tabletop experience.  We have GMs that will share tips and tricks.  We have master character experts who will be posting fantastic PC and NPC builds for a number of different systems.

Stephanie and Jason Hawver will write a column on being parents and introducing games to their young ones with all the trials and tribulations that come along.

Of course, GM Chris, GM Dave and GM Phil from the Order 66 Podcast will be posting their builds for every “Isn’t that Special” segment where they often solicit votes from the listener base on who has the most epic PC build.

This, along with much more from over 20 authors that have signed on to provide content in a wide variety of gaming topics will provide a long needed digital presence in addition to the podcasts that make our network a great resource for gamers everywhere.  Stay tuned for more greatness!

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David Villegas - GM Dave

David Villegas - GM Dave

Managing Partner at Gamer Nation Studios
Dave is a husband, father, gamer and geek. The co-founder of d20Radio and Gamer Nation Studios, he loves anything tabletop gaming related, soccer, curling and movies.
David Villegas - GM Dave

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  1. Like it. I can see the Power Cane being used in my game right now. I have the Perfect NPC for this. Keep up the good work sir.

  2. This is already looking great! I can’t wait to see it once all the gaming goodness is in place! This site will match the outstanding quality that you bring to the Podcast. But then again, I wouldn’t know because I never listen to The Order 66!!!

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