Guide: What ships should I buy for Xwing? Rebel Edition

Note (July 17, 2017): This is currently updated to include Wave 10. You can also find the Imperial and Scum versions of this list.

Today we continue our foray into helping new players decide what ships to buy when getting into Fantasy Flight’s X-wing Miniatures game. Last time we took a peak at the Imperial fleet. Today we’ll look at the Rebel fleet. How will we rate each expansion?

We’ll look at a few things

  • Max Squad– For the ship(s) in this expansion, what is the maximum that you could potentially fly in a 100pt squad. Very rarely will you ever have a reason to buy more than this number unless you are really into Epic play.
  • Standard Squad– This will be the number of ships of this type that you will typically see wielded in a squad. This number will often be a range as some ships can be wielded well in a number of different formations.
  • Unique Upgrades– What unique upgrades come with this expansion, and only this expansion? Many upgrades can be found in a few different packs so you will have different ways to obtain them. But some have only one avenue to acquire.
  • Valuable Upgrades- While these upgrades aren’t necessarily unique to this ship, they are ones that are used frequently in many different builds. Having many of these is not a bad thing.Note, this isn’t a complete list of the upgrades that come with the ship, just ones that have good value.
  • Suggested Buy: This is our recommendation for the most balanced amount to buy to gain the most benefit from the ship and upgrade cards it contains. We’ll give a little rationale behind it but this isn’t a full review of each ship so it won’t be very detailed.


  • Max Squad- 6
  • Standard Squad- 2
  • Unique Upgrades
    • None
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • Elite Pilot Talent
      • Push the Limits
      • Deadeye
    • Secondary Weapon- Homing Missile
  • Suggested Buy: 2 (MSRP- $30)
    • A-wings work well in a couple different ways. They are quite tough and maneuverable for a cheap ship. Though to really be cheap, you need the Rebel Aces expansion. You’ll often see a pair of them thrown into a squad as fodder that’s superior to a Z-95. Or you’ll see one ace as a flanker, usually Tycho or Jake from the Aces.  They have their place in a true swarm though.


  • Max Squad- 3
  • Standard Squad- 1
  • Unique Upgrades
    • Secondary Weapon- Seismic Torpedo
    • Crew- Tail Gunner
    • Astromech- R3 Astromech
    • Modification- Vectored Thrusters
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • Crew- Recon Specialist
    • Secondary Weapon- Homing Missile
  • Suggested Buy: 1 (MSRP- $20)
    • This ship comes with no generic pilots. Most of the pilot’s abilities are related to supporting other ships so you will most likely fly this ship in a mixed squadron. You might want to fly two as they can work well supporting each other. Multiple copies of Seismic Torpedo could also be fun to have as it is a nice cheap torpedo.

Auzituck Gunship

  • Max Squad- 4
  • Standard Squad- 1
  • Unique Upgrades
    • Elite Pilot Talent- Selflessness
    • Crew
      • Wookiee Commando
      • Breach Specialist
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • Crew- Tactician
    • Elite Pilot Talent- Intimidation
  • Suggested Buy: 1 (MSRP- $15)
    • This ship brings some new mechanics to the small ship game in the form of the Reinforce action and a 180 degree firing arc on a small base. This ship makes a good companion fo Biggs. Four flying together has potential as a jousting squadron with their 180 arc and high health. But for most things one of these will be plenty.


  • Max Squad- 4
  • Standard Squad- 2-4
  • Unique Upgrades- None
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • System- Fire Control System
  • Suggested Buy: 1 (MSRP- $15)
    • B-wings come into play in a few flavors. A single B-wing decked out or four B-wings as a whole squad (though a popular list now only involves 3).  But you only want two expansions because you’ll get more from the Aces pack.


bwingredRebel Aces

  • Unique Upgrades
    • Crew
      • Jan Ors
      • Kyle Katarn
    • “Secondary Weapon”- Chardaan Refit
    • Title- A-Wing Test Pilot
    • Modification- B-wing/E2
  • Valuable Upgrades- 
    • Secondary Weapon- Proton Rocket
    • System- Enhanced Scopes
  • Suggested Buy: 1 (MSRP- $30)
    • You can get by with buying a single Aces plus single B-wing and A-wing expansions. But they really make your potential lists shine by doubling up on all of them.


  • Max Squad- 3
  • Standard Squad- 1
  • Unique Upgrades
    • Astromech
      • R7-T1
      • R7 Astromech
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • Elite Pilot Talent- Outmaneuver
    • Secondary Weapon- Flechette Torpedo
    • System- Advanced Sensors
  • Suggested Buy: 1 (MSRP-  $15)
    • Really, the reason to buy more than one E-Wing right now is for more copies of Advanced Sensors (AS). They are really useful on a lot of different ships (such as the B-wing). You’ll rarely ever fly any E-Wing other than Corran Horn and then it will likely be Etahn A’baht. So buy more if you need Advanced Sensors (or Outmaneuver) but you’ll probably be good with just a single E-wing.


  • Max Squad- 2
  • Standard Squad- 1
  • Unique Upgrades
    • System- Reinforced Deflectors
    • Secondary Weapon- Dorsal Turret
    • Crew
      • Chopper
      • Ezra Bridger
      • Hera Syndulla
      • Kanan Jarrus
      • Zeb Orrelios
      • Sabine Wren
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • Elite Pilot Talent- Predator
    • Secondary Weapon- Bomb- Thermal Detonator
  • Suggested Buy: 1 (MSRP- $50)
    • In addition to providing two ships, Ghost is very valuable for the wide range of crew options it provides. They really open up a lot of options to quite a few other ships and make this expansion worth the price. Plus, if you’re a fan of Star Wars Rebels you’ll definitely want it, value of the cards aside.

Heroes of the Resistance

  • Max Squad- N/A
  • Standard Squad- N/A
  • Unique Upgrades
    • Astromech- M9-G8
    • Crew
      • Finn
      • Rey
      • Hotshot Co-Pilot
    • Elite Pilot Talent- Trick Shot
    • Illicit- Burnout SLAM
    • Modification- Smuggling Compartment
    • Tech- Pattern Analyzer
    • Titles
      • Millenium Falcon (TFA)
      • Black One
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • Elite Pilot Talent- Snap Shot
    • Modification- Integrated Astromech
    • Tech- Primed Thrusters
  • Suggested Buy: 1 (MSRP- $40)
    • This is a great expansion for the T-70 and YT-1300. There are quite a lot of valuable upgrades you can’t get anywhere else. Pattern Analyzers really change the nature of the T-70’s and Smuggling Compartments really let let your YT freighters be real smugglers. I would recommend this expansion over the original Millenium Falcon because of all of these new toys.



  • Max Squad- 6
  • Standard Squad- 1
  • Unique Upgrades
    • Turret- Blaster Turret
    • Crew- Saboteur
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • Crew
      • Recon Specialist
      • Intelligence Agent
  • Suggested Buy: 1 (MSRP- $15)
    • You’ll never want more than a single HWK. You might think it would useful to have two Blaster Turrets or two of them supporting a squad. Then you’ll remember how terrible they are at everything else. HWK’s, especially the Scum ones, are very good at what they do. But what they do is support a squad and to do that you only need one.


  • Max Squad- 4
  • Standard Squad- 1-3
  • Unique Upgrades
    • Crew- Bombardier
    • Secondary Weapon
      • Twin Laser Turret
      • Conner Net
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • Secondary Weapon
      • Extra Munitions
      • Ion Bombs
      • Advanced Homing Missile
      • Plasma Torpedo
  • Suggested Buy: 2 (MSRP-  $40)
    • K-Wings bring a lot to the table. Miranda Doni is very useful with her pilot ability providing her with shield regeneration, something very rare and usually requiring an astromech upgrade. The Twin Laser Turret has been a real game changer and something everyone needs to build a list considering. Getting two K-Wings gives you four of them so you can field quite a few list options with them. Three K-wings is also something to consider as it’s turned out to be a very effective list.

yt1300Millenium Falcon (YT-1300)

  • Max Squad- 3
  • Standard Squad- 1
  • Unique Upgrades
    • Crew
      • Luke Skywalker
      • Chewbacca
      • Nien Nunb
    • Elite Pilot Talent- Draw Their Fire
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • Crew- Weapons Engineer
    • Elite Pilot Talent- Veteran Instincts
    • Modification
      • Shield Upgrade
      • Engine Upgrade
  • Suggested Buy: 1 (MSRP- $30)
    • You can’t not get a copy of the Millenium Falcon. No matter what faction you play. It’s the friggin’ Millenium Falcon. That aside it’s got the single best upgrade in the game; Engine Upgrades (EU). Fortunately it comes with two of those, reducing your need to buy two of this pack. You’ll rarely find a time when you have a squad where you might want to field more than two ships with EU.

Sabine’s TIE Fighter

  • Max Squad- 4
  • Standard Squad- 1
  • Unique Upgrades 
    • Crew- Captain Rex
    • Illicit- EMP Device
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • Elite Pilot Talent- Veteran Instincts
  • Suggested Buy: 1 (MSRP- $15)
    • There is really no reason to ever buy more than one of these packs. Because it’s  a TIE Fighter if you want to fly two of the pilots you can just use the dial and model from one of your other TIE’s (since they come with the core box you likely have two). The only obstacle would be the cardboard if you wanted to fly two pilots that were on the same one. But really, the cool titles are unique and you’ll probably want to use them.

Scurrg H-6 Bomber

  • Max Squad- 1
  • Standard Squad- 1
  • Unique Upgrades 
    • Secondary Weapons
      • Cruise Missile
      • Bomblet Generator
    • System- Minefield Mapper
    • Salvaged Astromech- R4-E1
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • Secondary Weapons-
      • Synced Turret
      • Seismic Torpedo
  • Suggested Buy: 1 (MSRP- $20)
    • While technically this is a Scum ship, it does contain one Rebel pilot in the form of Nym. It also adds some cool toys to any bomber so Rebels, and Imperials, don’t want to miss out. It comes with two Cruiser Missiles but only one Minefield Mapper so you might consider another for that but only if you’re really into early bomb deployment.

xwingt70T-70 X-Wing

  • Max Squad- 4
  • Standard Squad- 2
  • Unique Upgrades 
    • Elite Pilot Talent- Cool Hand
    • Astromech- Targeting Astromech
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • Tech- Weapons Guidance
    • Modification- Integrated Astromech
  • Suggested Buy: 1 (MSRP- $15)
    • This new X-wing really puts the old one to shame. For only a few more points you gain a shield and boost. The pilots are also incredible. You probably won’t ever want to fly four so one, in addition to the new core set and Heroes of the Resistance, is all you’ll likely need. Unless you plan to run three X-wings (either variety) all with Integrated Astromech. But you’re probably better off giving one of them a different modification (like autothrusters) so two should be plenty.


  • Max Squad- 4
  • Standard Squad- 1
  • Unique Upgrades
    • Elite Pilot Talent- Expertise
    • Crew
      • Jyn Erso
      • Cassian Andor
      • Baze Malbus
      • Bistan
      • Bodhi Rook
      • Inspiring Recruit
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • System- Sensor Jammer
    • Modification- Stealth Device
  • Suggested Buy: 1 (MSRP- $30)
    • This is a great ship to add to your fleet. Cassian Andor plus Inspiring Recruit is an incredible stress clearer.  Expertise is a great action economy card. And all of the crew cards add some very interesting combinations to your squadrons. Plus, it’s another source of Sensor Jammer finally.


  • Max Squad- 4
  • Standard Squad- 1
  • Unique Upgrades 
    • Astromech
      • R5-K6
      • R5 Astromech
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • Elite Pilot Talent- Expert Handling
  • Suggested Buy: 1 (MSRP- $15)
    • X-wings are in a weird place currently.  With the introduction of Integrated Astromech card in the T-70 expansion they have seen a resurgence. But they still aren’t quite “there” yet. That said, you’ll want to consider one of these packs primarily for Wedge Antilles pilot. He’s still a great pilot to bring to the table. Get one of these, especially if you don’t get the Original Core Set, though that is also recommended.


  • Max Squad- 5
  • Standard Squad-  2-4
  • Unique Upgrades
    • Astromech
      • R5-D8
      • R2 Astromech
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • Secondary Weapon- Ion Turret
  • Suggested Buy: 2 (MSRP- $30)
    • Y-wings have come a long way recently. For a long time they were largely forgotten. But Most Wanted added the BTL-A4 title and the K-wing added the Twin Laser Turret. Suddenly, Y-wings are showing up a lot.  You could fly a pretty strong list with four of these ships but in most cases you’ll be set with just a pair of them backing up some other ships.


  • Max Squad- 3
  • Standard Squad- 1
  • Unique Upgrades
    • Crew
      • Lando Calrissian
      • Dash Rendar
      • Leebo
    • Modification- Experimental Interface
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • Obstacles- Debris Fields
    • Elite Pilot Talent
      • Lone Wolf
      • Stay on Target
    • Crew- Gunner
    • Secondary Weapon- Heavy Laser Cannon
    • Modification- Countermeasures
  • Suggested Buy: 1 (MSRP- $30)
    • This ship pack has a lot of cool things going for it. Many of the once unique upgrades (Lone Wolf, Stay on Target) now come with the YV-666. The other big upgrade that’s great from it, Experimental Interface, can only be fielded on one ship in a squad so no reason to get more than one. You’ll definitely want one but not really any reason for two.


  • Max Squad- 8
  • Standard Squad- 4
  • Unique Upgrades 
    • Elite Pilot Talent
      • Wingman
      • Decoy
  • Valuable Upgrades
    • Modification- Munitions Failsafe
  • Suggested Buy: 2 (MSRP- $30)
    • These ships make for great filler in any squad. They are cheap and make a decent swarm. But so do Chardaan refit A-wings. Therefore you don’t need as many Z’s as you do TIE Fighters. Three allows you to serve as cannon fodder fill in most squads and make a good swarm with 4 A-wings.

0131161951bTantive IV (Corellian Corvette)

  • Unique Upgrades
    • Crew
      • C-3P0
      • R2-D2
      • Han Solo
  • Suggested Buy: 0-1 (MSRP- $90)
    • I did not list all of the unique features of this ship as most of them are for Epic play only and therefore for use just by this ship. If you want to play Epic play, definitely get this ship. If you don’t then probably don’t bother. It looks great sitting on a shelf, which is where mine primarily goes. For sure, C-3P0 is a great card to have but he’s not worth the price of admission alone.

0131161951a (1)Rebel Transport (GR-75)

  • Unique Upgrades 
    • Astromech
      • R2-D6
      • R3-A2
      • R4-D6
      • R5-D9
  • Valuable Upgrades- Flechette Torpedoes
  • Suggested Buy: 1 (MSRP- $60)
    • The ship itself is only useful in epic play. But it comes with an X-Wing (reducing the effective cost of the transport to $45) and a lot of really good X-wing pilots. Plus a lot of useful Astromechs. As an X-wing upgrade it’s very useful. The transport itself also looks really nice sitting on the shelf. R3-A2 is the second best Astromech card (after R2-D2). But if you don’t plan on ever flying X-wings it’s probably not worth buying.

Missing Upgrades

Below is a list of the upgrades (that you can use) that you will not have access to by solely buying Rebel ships.The ones that are bolded are the most useful for Rebel ships, though all have their place.

  • Elite Pilot Talents
    • A Score to Settle (Quadjumper)
    • Adaptability (Mist Hunter)
    • Adrenaline Rush (TIE Bomber)
    • Calculation (StarViper)
    • Crackshot (Kihraxz, Hound’s Tooth, Imperial Veterans)
    • Daredevil (TIE Interceptor)
    • Expose (Slave-1)
    • Intensity (TIE Aggressor)
    • Intimidation (VT-49)
    • Juke (TIE F/O)
    • Lightning Reflexes (Kihraxz)
    • Opportunist (Imperial Aces)
    • Rage (Punishing One)
    • Swarm Leader (TIE Striker)
    • Swarm Tactics (TIE Fighter/TIE Advanced)
    • Squad Leader (TIE Advanced)
  • Crew
    • BoShek (Quadjumper)
    • Flight Instructor (Lambda Shuttle)
    • Navigator (Lambda Shuttle)
    • Operations Specialist (Upsilon Shuttle)
    • Tactician (TIE Phantom)
  • Illicit
    • Blackmarket Slicing Tools  (Shadow Caster)
    • Cloaking Device (Mist Hunter)
    • Deadman’s Switch (IG-2000)
    • Glitterstim (Kihraxz/Hound’S Tooth)
    • Hotshot Blaster (IG-2000/Most Wanted)
    • Inertial Dampeners (Starviper/IG-2000)
    • Feedback Array (IG-2000/Punishing One)
    • Rigged Cargo Chute (Shadow Caster)
    • Scavenger Crane (Quadjumper)
  • Secondary Weapons
    • Arc Caster (C-ROC)
    • Autoblaster Turret (Most Wanted)
    • Bomb Loadout Y-wing (Most Wanted)
    • Cluster Mines (TIE Punisher)
    • Flechette Cannon (M3-A Scyk)
    • Ion Torpedo (VT-49)
    • Mangler Cannon (IG-2000/M3-A Scyk)
    • Proton Bombs (TIE Bomber/VT-49)
    • Seismic Charge (TIE Bomber/Slave-1/IG-2000)
    • Tractor Beam (Mist Hunter/Imperial Veterans)
    • XX-23 Thread Tracers (Inquisitors TIE)
  • System
    • Accuracy Corrector (Starviper/IG-2000)
    • Collision Detector (TIE/SF)
    • Electronic Baffle (Mist Hunter)
  • Tech
    • Comm Relay (TIE F/O)
    • Hyperwave Comm Scanner (Upsilon Shuttler/Quadjumper)
    • Sensor Cluster (TIE/SF)
    • Targeting Synchronizer (Upsilon Shuttle)
  •  Title
    • BTL-A4 Y-wing (Most Wanted)
  •  Modification
    • Anti-Pursuit Lasers (Lambda Shuttle)
    • Autothrusters (StarViper)
    • Guidance Chip (Inquistor TIE/Punishing One)
    • Hull Upgrade (Imperial Aces/Starviper)
    • Ion Projector (Hound’s Tooth/Upsilon Shuttle)
    • Long Range Scanners (Imperial Veterans)
    • Pulse Ray Shield (C-ROC)
    • Tactical Jammers (VT-49/Shadow Caster)


Total suggested cost for released content at MSRP is $420 for your Rebel Fleet. For suggested non-faction ships with the most valuable upgrades plus Epic ships is another $355. Those are some big numbers, but DON’T PANIC.

First, unless you can afford it, don’t buy all these ships at once. This guide is just your goal of where to aim for your fleet. Second, you can often get these ships 30% cheaper if you buy online. This article makes no judgment on buying online vs at your FLGS.

Second, remember this is just a GUIDE, a suggestion. It’s like the Pirate Code. Take from it what you will. Above all else, X-Wing is a fun game, so buy the ships you most want to put on the table.

With the ships and quantities listed above you’ll be able to make almost any Rebel squad you might want. Fringe lists (like 6 A-wings) will be out unless you stock up more on particular ships. But most good lists use a mix of ships so you never need more than a few of each type.

Suggested Buy Order

Here is my suggested buy order (not including unreleased content). It includes non-faction ships in italics which have the most useful upgrades.

  1. 1x X-wing
  2. 1x T-70 X-wing
  3. 1x Heroes of the Resistance
  4. 1x B-wing
  5. 1x A-wing
  6. 1x Rebel Aces
  7. 2x StarViper (Autothrusters)
  8. 1x Ghost
  9. 1x YT-2400
  10. 1x U-Wing
  11. 1x K-wing
  12. 2x Y-Wing
  13. 1x ARC-170
  14. 1x Most Wanted (Y-wing upgrades/Illicit Upgrades)
  15. 2x Z-95
  16. 1x Auzituck Gunship
  17. 1x Sabine’s TIE Fighter
  18. 1x E-wing
  19. 1x Kihraxz (Crackshot/Glitterstim)
  20. 1x TIE Phantom (Tactician)
  21. 1x HWK-290
  22. 1x Punishing One (Guidance Chip/Rage)
  23. 1x TIE Bombers (Seismic Charge/Adrenaline Rush)
  24. 1x Millenium Falcon (Engine Upgrade/Pilots/Title)
  25. Rebel Transport
  26. Corellian Corvette



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  1. Thanks for keeping this guide updated! I noticed that the most recent update reduced the number of A-Wings, B-Wing, and T-70 X-Wings to 1 each (at least in the list at the end. The suggested number varies in the guide body). I was wondering what the reason for this was. Thanks!

    • The T-70 was mostly due to the up coming release of Heroes of the Resistance. That, plus core, plus one expansion pack nets you three which is all you’ll likely ever need.

      The A-wings and B-wings were simply because there are more ships now and lists with four ships of the same type are less useful. One expansion plus Rebel Aces gives you two ships with all the pilots/ship specific upgrades. To be sure, five A-wing crack swarm is a strong list but that falls under the fringe cases rather than a general guide.

  2. Do you have an update to this post now that The Force Awakens core set, along with the expansions is out? Would you do any changes/updates to this? Please advise.

    • It’s not a bad one on a Green Squadron A-Wing. Since they are PS3 there’s a good chance their target will have already blown their Focus tokens earlier in the round. I wouldn’t get Imperial Aces just for that card though. It’s a pretty pricey EPT at 4pts. But if you ever want to fly Interceptors, you’ll want the Aces pack.

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