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Gamer Nation LLC

  • David Villegas (Managing Partner)
  • Chris Witt (Managing Partner)
  • Twi’lek Goodness – Krista Witt (Gamer Nation Con Coordinator)

Order 66 Podcast

  • GM Dave – David Villegas (Host) – gmdave@d20radio.com
  • GM Chris – Chris Witt (Host)- gmchris@d20radio.com
  • GM Phil- Phil Maiewski (Host)- gmphil@d20radio.com

Gamer Nation Blog 

  • Wayne Basta (Managing Editor)– gmwayne@d20radio.com
  • Linda Whitson (Copy Editor)
  • Ben Erickson (Staff Writer)
  • Christopher Hunt (Staff Writer)
  • Scott Alden (Staff Writer)
  • Contributing Writers
    • Brev Tanner
    • Adam Morris
    • Kevin Frane
    • Steve Orr
    • Ian Houlihan
    • Stephanie Hawver
    • Phil Maiewski
    • Audun Lovlie
    • Garrett Crowe
    • Wesley Goodwin
    • Justin Perreaux
    • Brett Bambridge
    • Dain Simpkins


d20Radio started in 2008 as an association of two podcasts, The Order 66 Podcast and Radio Free Hommlet.  GM Dave, GM Chris, DM Tim, DM Jackson, DM Kate and DM David were the original podcast hosts on the network, which immediately started growing and picking up more role playing-centric podcasts from D&D to Star Wars to Warhammer and beyond.  In 2010, the listeners of The Order 66 Podcast dared the hosts to create a board game, and so Chris and Dave created Gamer Nation LLC to oversee operations on the board game front.  The first title, Edition Wars, was released in 2012, followed in successive years by EONS and EONS: Cosmic Expansions.  The company hopes to bring Catastrophe! to the market later this year.

In the meantime, d20Radio grew to a high of 22 podcasts and traffic in the tens of thousands of unique downloads per month.  In 2013, Dave and Chris, in need of upgraded equipment and server revenue, launched a kickstarter to raise $3000 to defray those costs.  They received $14,000 and decided to launch Gamer Nation Con in March, 2014 to rave reviews.  The second con was in March of 2015 and there are plans for a third con in 2016.  The various efforts have all been organized under the common umbrella of Gamer Nation Studios (Gamer Nation LLC) and although each of the lines of business (Convention, Podcast Network, Board Game Company) are kept mutually exclusive from a financial perspective, this site brings them all together from a content perspective.



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