Black Market- The Power Cane

Conversation stopped as the massive doors swung open. Sorren sauntered in, sharp taps trailing from her cane as she walked across the tiled floor, oblivious to the meeting she was interrupting. She found an empty chair near the head of the table and draped herself over it, resting the cane against the floor, her hands wrapped over the top of it.

“You have a lot of nerve barging in here like tha-” one of the men around the table started.

“You have a lot of nerve not inviting me to a meeting that concerns my interests like this does.” Sorren countered before bringing her cane up and slamming it down on the floor. The man at the head of the table turned to look at her. Steepling his fingers, he considered the woman in front of him, a look of annoyance on his face.

“Sorren. We’ve discussed this. While this group appreciates your… talents, we came to the mutual decision that these business meetings would be conducted without your input.”

SLAM! Down went the cane again. Sorren leaned forward in her seat, looking at her new opponent.

“I am altering that agreement, Uriq. You know full well that without my assistance this entire section falls apart.”

“Sorren, you greatly mistake your worth to our organization. We could easily have someone else -“

SLAM! Again the cane smashed down on the tile.

“Don’t toy with me, Uriq.”

“Or what? You’re not in a position to negotiate, Sorren. You’re outnumbered. And you’re unarmed.”

SLAM! SLAM! Twice more the cane came down as Sorren leaned further forward in her seat. Uriq grimaced. The ringing of that blasted cane was starting to give him a headache. He had no idea what she was expecting to accomplish here beside annoy him and make him reconsider her place in his organization. Still… he couldn’t mistake that gleam in her eye. Or the fact that everyone’s eyes were now fixed on Sorren.

“I wouldn’t be too sure about that, Uriq.” Sorren said, dropping her gaze towards his chest, where the tip of her cane now rested scant centimeters from his torso. And suddenly Uriq understood the reason for the ringing he was still hearing, and the reason everyone was staring at her. The gemstone on the tip glowed and hummed with power. He knew she had won this round.

He nodded, “Fine. You can stay.”

SLAM! The cane went down once more and the glow faded from the tip.

“I’m glad you were able to see reason, Uriq. Now… here are my concerns…”

With the Palandrix Personal Protection Gear Power Cane, the art of self-defense will never go out of style. Whether you need a measure of defense against predatory business partners or you just want to make a statement at the next gala event, you can be sure your next statement will be one of shock and awe. Palandrix – because personal protection is an art.

Name Skill Damage Critical Range Encumbrance HP Price Rarity Special
Power Cane Melee +1 4 Engaged 2 1 1,000 6 Disorient 2, Stun 1-5 (see below), Concussive 1 (see below), Slow Firing 1 (see below)

The Power Cane is an interesting device that allows it’s wielder some measure of self-defense in an innocuous looking walking staff. While certainly hefty and capable of delivering a solid blow to anyone close, the real power comes he ornamental gemstone that sits atop the cane. It is actually a disguised power point that can be charged to deliver a powerful shock to it’s target. The charge is cycled by “tapping” or striking the bottom of the cane on a surface (so it cannot be done stealthily). The charge is cycled, getting more and more powerful with each tap, until maximum charge is attained. The next tap will complete the cycle, rendering the power point inert until it is charged again. Increasing the charge takes a maneuver, and it can be increased a total of five times before the next charge will render the weapon inert. The first charge gives the weapon the Stun 1 weapon quality to it’s next attack. Each subsequent charge increases that rating by 1 (to the maximum of 5). At full charge, the weapon also gains the Concussive 1 weapon quality to it’s next attack. Whether or not the weapons next attack is successful, the charge is released on the weapons next attack. Once the weapon’s charge has been used, it takes one round to recharge before the power can be cycled back up, but it can be used at it’s base profile as a bludgeon.

Often incredibly ornate and custom made, the Power Cane can, at the GM’s discretion offer a Boost Die to social checks the character makes while he is openly displaying the weapon. This should increase the basic cost of the weapon to 1,750 credits or possibly more.

For an extra 250 credits, the Power Cane can have a stiletto built in the bottom third of the staff, allowing it to also be used as a vibroknife. Doing so removes the wepaon’s hard point and increases it’s Encumbrance by 1.

Design Notes: The Power Cane is designed for use with the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny product lines produced by Fantasy Flight Games. It was originally printed in Star Wars: Galladinum’s Fantastic Technology by West End Games in 1995.

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  1. I use the whiteboard for FFG SWRPG, and notecards for D&D. I roll initiatives for each monster prior to the game, and put AC/HP and attacks on the cards as well. Once I’ve prepped a card, I can keep it and reuse it for that monster over and over again, especially as I run a lot of games in the Adventurer’s League. Then, I have the PCs write down their name and AC on a card, and roll 5 initiatives. So I can stack the deck prior to encounters while the PCs are discussing tactics or their next move. It integrates combat into the game a bit more seamlessly and makes it run smoother.

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