Black Market – Combat Paragliders (FFG Star Wars)


Silhouette: 2     Speed: 2     Handling: +1
Defense: 0 — — 0     Armor: 0
Hull Trauma: 1     System Strain: 3

Vehicle Type/Model: R-19 Paraglider (Modified)
Manufacturer: Nen-Carvon
Maximum Altitude: 5,000 m
Crew: 1 pilot
Encumbrance Capacity: 5
Passenger Capacity: None
Cost/Rarity: 2,000 credits/4 (Stock civilian model) or (R)4,000 credits/7 (Combat modded)
Customization Hard Points: 0
Weapons: None

These combat repulsor paragliders, used almost exclusively by Alliance SpecForces, are heavily modified from the civilian R-19, used for sport. Body panels are replaced with reflec to absorb many sensors, making the profile appear much smaller–even bird-size–to aid infiltration. In general, Computers checks to detect and correctly identify a paraglider by sensors are upgraded twice. Insertions during an op are usually made from a transport that enters the atmosphere before the paraglider troops jump. The jump may take place above 5,000 m (the maximum operational altitude for the repulsors) with the pilots gliding down to 5,000 m where they can activate the repulsors, an Easy check.

Checks with the paraglider use the Piloting (Planetary) skill. At GM’s option, an Athletics or Coordination check may be substituted.

The stock repulsors are replaced with stronger ones, providing improved handling, plus the ability to carry a surprising amount of extra gear, by using the added mounting brackets. (The GM has the final say on what and how much can be loaded on the paraglider without compromising handling or safety.)

Finally, Alliance engineers install a pull-down Heads-up display (HUD) and a low-power transponder to provide terrain-following and night vision capabilities and allow tracking of teammates. Mechanically, the HUD removes 2 Setback from Concealment due to darkness (and other conditions determined by the GM). The transponder adds +1 Boost to Survival or Computers checks to locate teammates, as long as they are Engaged with the paraglider or within Short range of it.

While the stock R-19s are easily obtained, only those in the Alliance are likely to be able to obtain combat-modded paragliders, by requisitioning, or being assigned, them. Characters who find these on the Black Market should be extra-wary of the deal. Both Alliance and Imperial investigators may offer to buy or sell them, to catch agents and black marketeers from either their side or the enemy’s.

Design Notes: I converted the WEG/D6 Star Wars module “Operation: Shadowstrike” to FFG as a standalone adventure for my Skype Age of Rebellion game. This was surprisingly easy to do. Using paragliders was a nice change of pace from the usual method of getting into an adventure. While primarily intended for AoR, the stats can be used with any of the FFG Star Wars core books.

Reference: O’Brien, Timothy S., et al. Star Wars Instant Adventures (Honesdale, Pennsylvania: West End Games, 1997), 61

Playtesters: Donovan Morningfire, Dr. Xerox, and Empty Bacta Tank, of the Friday Night Skype group.  Empty Bacta Tank also provided technical editing.

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