Astral Projections – Xay-zyxx, Verpine Crew Chief

© & ™ LucasFilm Ltd.
© & ™ LucasFilm Ltd.

Verpine Engineer/Mechanic

Duty: Tech Superiority (-5 for +1,000 credits)

Motivation: Professional: (Conflict) Xay-zyxx’s business, like that of most Verpine, is TECH. She doesn’t mind at all that nearly everything she makes or improves is intended for war. It is only fair the Imps should take some damage, considering how they have treated the Verpine and other species.

Brawn 2
Agility 3
Intellect 4
Cunning 2
Presence 1
Willpower 2

Species Abilities:
Start with 1 rank in Mechanics
Microvision: When closely examining an object, Verpine add 1 Boost to Perception checks
Radio-wave Communication: Can silently communicate with other Verpine and specially tuned commlinks within a 100km range.

Athletics 1, Computers 1, Mechanics 3 (-1 Setback), Perception 1, Piloting (space) 2

Gearhead, Toughened, Fine Tuning, Solid Repairs

Soak: 1     Defense (m/r): 0/0     Strain Threshold: 15      Wound Threshold: 13
Force Rating: 0

Equipment: TT24 Holdout Blaster (Ranged [light], Damage 6, Medium Range, Critical 3, Stun Setting),  Multi-Goo Gun (Ranged [light], Damage 2, Short Range, Disorient 1, Ensnare 4, Knockdown, Gain automatic Advantage on Mechanics checks to repair droids, vehicles, or starships),  Handheld Commlink, Tool Kit, Datapad, Glowrod, Workshop Manual, Utility Belt, Stimpack X2, Emergency Repair Patch X2, 215 Credits

Backstory: Xay-zyxx (pronounced Zāy Zicks), who usually goes by the shortened Xay, recalls quite well when the Hive Mother was imprisoned in “protective custody” by the Imperials, being an impressionable nymph at the time. Like all the Verpine, she is not happy about this, and chooses to do more about it than covert R&D, upgrades, and repairs for the Alliance. She actively serves in her unit. While she prefers, of course, to tinker in pursuit of superior firepower, she will fight too. Xay often joins missions to steal Imperial prototypes or plans, and would certainly be useful in jailbreak missions.

Design & Play Notes: Unlike some of my recent FFGSW PCs, this is a standard starting character built on the stnadard 80 XP for the species. As I mentioned in my Strongholds of Resistance review last month, I was tempted to make a Verpine character based very loosely on a Verpine in Dark Horse Comics’ Star Wars line. Xay is the result. Her Duty and Motivation are taken from Stay on Target, although what she is a professional at is altered a bit, from professional soldier to professional tech.

The actual Workshop Manual is left up to player and GM. If the party selected a ship as their group benefit, that ship is probably the one to select. The character can be played in a starfighter squadron campaign, as a crew chief or (like the Dark Horse Comics inspiration) even a pilot. Rigger is a possible second spec for her, in this case. Xay may also be part of a SpecOps team, going into Saboteur perhaps.

Note: I am using female pronouns since the Verpine are insectoid.

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