Astral Projections – Vulptex for FFG Star Wars

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Your intrepid xenobiologist continues her field research projects, this time on Crait, yet another once-forgotten world, abandoned by sentients. After the Alliance left Crait, some of the native “crystal foxes” denned in the abandoned facilities.

It is possible the vulptices before and during the “Rebellion Era” had become partly domesticated as they showed no fear of the Resistance survivors, even welcoming their intrusion into the animals’ territory and den (the old base). This is notable as it is very unlikely any of those vulptices had ever seen sentients, since vulpine species have a short lifespan (3 standard years) in the wild.

Although small, vulptices would be useful pets, by alerting to intruders or other threats (e.g., smoke, dangerous beasts) and possibly as trackers. They are very good at finding hidden entrances and exits, even those too small for human-sized sentients, but whoch could still be used by threats such as wild animals or probe droids. One (or two!) vulptex would make a good animal companion for a PC.

VULPTEX [Minion]

Brawn 1
Agility 3
Intellect 2
Cunning 3
Presence 2
Willpower 1

Skills: Athletics 1, Perception 2, Survival 2

Talents: None

Crystalline fur: +1 Soak (included) and 1 Setback to personal-scale blaster/laser attacks (except lightsabers) targeting the animal
Silhouette 0

Soak: 2      Defense (m/r): 0/0      Wound Threshold: 3
Force Rating: 0

Equipment: Teeth (Brawl, Damage 2, Critical 5, Engaged range, Pierce 1)

Design Notes: Yet another The Last Jedi critter I’ve fallen in love with. As I do with all my beasts, I draw upon similar Earth animals as well as Star Wars sources for mechanics and descriptions. I feel the crystals incorporated into vulptex fur would not only make it a little better protected than most mammals of its size, but would provide a little protection against small energy weapons. And even smaller carnivores have very sharp teeth, hence the Pierce 1.

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