Astral Projections – Twi’lek/Human Hybrid (Species) for FFG Star Wars

"The Deserter" Star Wars: The Clone Wars © 2010 Disney/LucasFilm Ltd.

Hybrids of various Star Wars species have been a staple of the franchise for years. The first Canon hybrid, the dancer Rhystáll Sant, appeared in the 1997 Special Edition of Return of the Jedi, and earlier Legends/EU sources featured others. Only a few besides Rhystáll are currently Canon, most notably the Twi’lek/Human Lawquane youngsters from “The Deserter” episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

These stats for Twi/Human Hybrids are similar to the Corellian and Mandalorian variant Human stats from Suns of Fortune and Friends Like These, in that they offer additional skill ranks and a lesser (compared to standard Humans) amount of beginning XP. I opted to keep the Twi characteristic values (and Desert Dweller), rather than Human across-the-board 2s to represent the Twi’lek genetics. The 105 XP and choice of two social represents the adaptability of the Human parentage, nurture as well as nature. Twi/Human characters, with GM permission, are suitable for EotE, AoR, F&D, and TFA games. GMs may also limit the species to NPCs. 

(Note: The likelihood that these hybrids are fertile, I leave up to individual GMs, although I will point out that this varies among terrestrial species. Mules, for example, are rarely fertile, because horses and donkeys don’t have the same number of chromosome pairs; however, dogs and wild canid species produce fertile offspring.) 


Twi’leks are found in almost as many parts of the galaxy as Humans, and many Humans find Twi’leks attractive (and the reverse is presumably true). Thus, it is unsurprising that some of these unions, short- and longterm, bear fruit. The terrible reality of the Twi’lek slave trade no doubt results in other Twi/Human births.

Physiology: Twi/Human crosses have a mostly Twi’lek phenotype. Skin color is often a “mosaic” of the Twi’lek ancestral coloration as a base with mottling of the human parent’s. Eyes are often an unusual color for either of the parent species, such as pink.

Society: Twi/Humans, particularly those raised with their Human parent, come from a much wider variety of cultures than full Twi’leks. Possibly because they look so much like their full-blood kin, non-Twi’leks often assume hybrids have the stereotypical Twi’lek personality traits such as being manipulative. On the other hand, Twi’leks (especially very conservative ones) can be dismayed or even shocked by hybrids who don’t act in accordance with Twi’lek cultural expectations, such as a female who isn’t deferential to males.

Homeworld: Twi/Humans may hail from nearly any world with significant populations of both species. They are unlikely to be native to Ryloth, as Humans aren’t common on the planet. Likewise, they are seldom found on Coruscant and other Human-dominated Core and The Colonies worlds–especially during the Imperial regime. (The deeper levels of Coruscant are an exception.) Most are found in the Mid and Outer Rims.

Language: Twi/Humans speak both Basic and Ryl, in general. Since they have lekku, most also learn lekku signing. However, one raised by a single parent, exclusively or primarily, may not know the other parent’s language(s), or have only a smattering.

Life in the Galaxy: As with full Humans, Twi/Humans may be found nearly everywhere (except The Colonies and closer in) and in nearly every job. Especially in heavily Pro-Human eras they are not likely to hold high positions or be better off than middle class. In Hutt Space and lawless areas, they can be found in criminal trades, including slavery, as perpetrators and victims alike. They may gravitate to the Rebellion/Resistance or seek out training in the Force.

Brawn 1     Agility 2     Intellect 2     Cunning 2     Willpower 2     Presence 3

Wound Threshold: 10 + Brawn

Strain Threshold: 10 + Willpower

Starting Experience: 105

Special Abilities: Human/Twi’lek Hybrids begin the game with 1 rank each in 2 social skills. These may not be trained above 2 at character creation.

Desert Dwellers: When making skill checks, Human/Twi’lek Hybrids may remove 1 Setback imposed due to hot or arid environmental conditions.



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