Astral Projections – Talora, Elf Huntress for Dragon Age RPG

Talora and her faithful hound Swift in Thedas' wilderness.
Talora and her faithful hound Swift in Thedas’ wilderness.

A couple years ago, before the Dragon Age roleplaying game materials were compiled into a single Core Book, Donovan Morningfire ran “A Bann Too Many,” the GM kit module. With his help, I made the original stats for Talora. The concept was partially inspired by John Flanagan’s Ranger’s Apprentice book series, about an organization of King’s Rangers so skilled with longbow and stealth that rumors were rife their abilities were preternatural.
Empty Bacta Tank recently ran a one-shot module for our group from the homebrew modules thread on Green Ronin’s forums. We had a lot of fun, so for old times’ sake, I decided to look up Talora. This is a re-write/update of stats from the GSA site, with the original artwork from that article.

Name: Talora
Background: City Elf
Class: Warrior

Communication (focus – none): 1
Constitution (focus – none): 1
Cunning (focus – none): 1
Dexterity (focus – Bows): 4
Magic (focus – none): 0
Perception (focus – Seeing): 2
Strength (focus – none): 2
Willpower (focus – none): 1

Speed: 15     Defense: 14     Armor: 4     Health: 33

Move: 15 yards     Charge: 7 yards     Run: 30 yards

Weapon Groups: Brawling, Bows, Light blades, Staves

Talents: Archery Style (novice), Armor Training (novice), Single Weapon Style (novice)

Language: Trade Tongue (Speak/read)

Long Bow (Bows group; Damage: 1d6+3; Ranges: short 26 yards/ long 52 yards; Reload: Minor Action) with 20 Arrows and Quiver
Short Sword (Light blades group; Damage 1d6+2)
Quarterstaff (Staves group; Damage 1d6+1)

Equipment: Backpack, Cloak, Hatchet, Heavy leather armor, 1 week Rations, Taveler’s garb, Waterskin.
Swift, dog. Shorthaired hound, very large–about waist high at shoulder. (Stats: Dog, Dragon Age CB, p. 278)

Money: 37 sp

Backstory: Talora knows all too well, the misery of the city alienages, having grown up in one. Before she was 10, Talora was slipping out of the city nearly every day. The surrounding woods and meadows were not only an escape from prejudice but a contribution to her family, providing wild vegetables, fruits and herbs, and the odd small game animal for their table. Sometimes there was even enough to preserve or sell.

During her teen years, Talora’s immediate family died in an epidemic that raged through both the alienage and the human parts of the city. Since the elves were being blamed for the disease, Talora knew it was only a matter of time before the humans recovered enough to take revenge.

A very good time to do what she’d dreamed of, abandon the foul cities to live mostly in the woods and vales. She makes her living as a huntress, venturing into towns only to sell game and herbs or to hire on as a hunting guide or bodyguard. Her great hound, Swift, is hunting companion as well as protection, including she hopes, against Mbari Wardogs. Having seen those monsters loosed on Elves several times since childhood, Talora fears the beasts.

Talora is hoping to find long-term employment as a hunter or even master of hounds, but for now is content if she has companions who treat her with respect.

Play notes: In combat, Talora prefers to snipe with her bow, from “high ground” and/or concealment. The GM and player should agree who controls Swift during combats.

Design notes: The City Elf background is surprisingly good for an Elf archer/scout like Talora, with the Dexterity +1 and options including Dexterity (Bows), Dexterity (Stealth), or Perception (Seeing). Too bad you can only pick some at character creation, isn’t it?

Point Buy options used for both Ability scores and Background benefits. (Dragon Age CB, pp. 12-13.)
Cost for Swift taken from starting funds.

Art: © 2013 by Linda Whitson

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