Astral Projections – Strill (EotE and AoR)

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Being an animal lover, I decided to devote a few weeks to critter stats for assorted RPG systems. Last week’s Rathtar for SWSE was the first. Today we meet  the strill, a hunting beast that only a Mando could love. Don’t ask me why, but I have also loved this un-cuddly creature from its first Legends appearance. When SWSE’s The Unknown Regions was  released, I was happy to see official strill stats. Then my longtime friend Jon Stevens, one of the book’s freelancers, told me he’d written those stats–and that he’d decided to do partly because I was so crazy about them! So now I return the favor with unofficial FFG SW stats.

To most beings, a strill is an extremely smelly, slobbery, ugly creature vicious enough to make a rancor seem like an overgrown tooka kitten. To a Mando fortunate enough to own one, however, a strill is the perfect companion animal for a true warrior and hunter–brave, loyal, highly intelligent, tenacious, and skilled in hunting and battle. A strill is usually quite affectionate with its owner. In return the Mando cares for it and cherishes it, and carefully chooses her strill’s next owner/companion, as they live much longer than humans (or most other species that might join the culture).

Strills are small, 6 legged, carnivorous mammalian creatures. They are monoecious (having both male and female organs) and have been known to exhibit strong nesting and nurturing behavior. Strills are fierce fighters, with many sharp teeth and six sets of claws, so it is no wonder that they are scary to many beings. They are even better at tracking and hunting than fighting with a very keen sense of smell, and are regarded as being unusually intelligent, able to understand and follow more words than most companion or working animals. The long tail and loose folds of skin between the legs makes them graceful gliders. Finally, they are very strong for their size, often able to drag a Human.

STRILL [Rival]

Brawn 3
Agility 4
Intellect 1
Cunning 2
Presence 2
Willpower 1

Brawl 2
Perception 2
Stealth 2
Survival 3
Vigilance 2

Talents: Adversary 1 (Upgrade the difficulty of any combat check targeting the strill once), Expert Tracker 2 (Remove 2 Setback from checks to find tracks or track targets. Decrease time to track a target by half)

Abilities: Glider (When moving downward, strills follow the Flying rules [p. 208, F&D], Athletics checks for jumping downward are -1 Difficulty). Silhouette 0.

Soak: 3     Defense (m/r): 0/0     Wound Threshold: 10
Force Rating: 0

Equipment: Claws and Teeth (Brawl; Damage 6; Critical 3; Engaged Range; Pierce 1)


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