Astral Projections – Puffer Pig (FFG Star Wars)

Now that Halloween is past, I’m done with the Scary Stuff for a while. So today I bring you stats for Star Wars Rebels’ Puffer Pig. Puffer pigs are in high demand by mining companies, especially if “avoiding Imperial taxes, licenses, fees, inspections, and other entanglements”  is part of a company’s business plan. These odd-looking, timid mammals can sniff out mineral deposits as well as any sophisticated, optimized scanner–and being organic, do not register on Imperial Customs’ scanners. Hence, their popularity with illegal  mine operators. However, they are also used by legit mining concerns for a number of reasons: low-tech and/or small scale operations, lower maintenance costs, etc.

Design and play notes: While later sourcebooks tend to gear with more mechanics, I opted to stay with the core books’ more narrative approach to some types of gear, particularly the scanners puffer pigs can substitute for.

The pigs are ideal for lighter-hearted SWRPG sessions–or as comic relief in serious stories–the way they are utilized in Rebels. The GM may spend PC Threat/NPC Advantage to trigger Defensive Inflation. Encourage your players to spend a couple of their Advantage or opponents’ Threat the same way. Don’t go overboard with either this tactic or the number of puffer pigs in your scenario; the Rebels episodes are a good guide on employing them.

Credits: Thanks to Donovan Morningfire and Empty Bacta Tank for feedback on the stats. Images © Disney/LucasFilm Ltd.


Brawn 2
Agility 3
Intellect 1
Cunning 4
Presence 1
Willpower 1

Skill: Perception 2

Silhouette: 0
Defensive Inflation: When frightened or startled, a puffer pig reflexively inflates its torso as a reaction, increasing its Silhouette from 0 to 2. The pig’s Soak is increased by 2 since the puffed up torso makes it harder to score a good hit. The GM has the final say on what will trigger it.
Ore Sniffer: A puffer pig can sense metallic ores with a sensitivity equivalent to a dedicated scanner, and thus having at least one on-site counts as the Right Tool for the Job, gaining +1 Boost. Since they are living creatures, they can only be used for prospecting on worlds/moons with breathable atmosphere.

Soak: 2      Defense (m/r): 0/0      Wound Threshold: 3
Force Rating: 0

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