Astral Projections – Bothan Spymaster (FFG Star Wars Nemesis)

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Design/Play Notes: Bothan Spymasters are middle (or possibly higher-ranking) members of the Bothan Spynet, tasked with recruiting and handling agents and informants. As long as they do not act against Bothawui’s interests or edicts (in any way that can be proven, at least), Spymasters have a great deal of autonomy in carrying out their “projects.” A number are pro-Alliance, and will aid Rebels, although they may ask for intel in return. Bothan PCs in AoR games, who are not members of the Alliance military may have a Spymaster as an NPC superior. Spymasters may also be used in EotE, for Obligation, for example. Debt, Betrayal, or Favor are common Obligations to a Spymaster, but Dutybound, Oath, or even Family are possible. A Spymaster may also be an Adversary for an EotE party being paid to obtain information. (Make use of the Encoded Communiqué talent!). Whether AoR or EotE, this NPC is not intended as a combat opponent, even though she habitually carries a holdout and wears minimal armor.

The Spymaster’s equipment and the Encoded Communiqué talent are all from Desperate Allies. Feel free to alter the equipment based on the needs of your scenario. Second Skin Armor is already included in Soak and Defense.

Example Spymaster – Brossk K’yyl: Brossk is an older Bothan man, whose golden fur has grayed around his muzzle. His manner is suave but not insincere. Brossk is both charming and deceptive. Depending upon his reading of people, he uses a variety of means to gain cooperation or aid. Unlike some, he isn’t stingy with pay if that is what motivates an asset he is recruiting. Emotional appeals–or even outright emotional blackmail–are another of his go-to recruiting techniques, especially with people he is close to. (Brossk’s granddaughter, the Archaeologist Priska K’yyl, has the Family Obligation to him for just this reason.) Brossk will also offer other inducements (either direct action or through one of his contacts) such as extremely favorable loan terms; to “disappear” a criminal charge, fine, or civil judgement; or new ship transponder code (Debt or similar Obligation).


Archetype: Bothan Spy Handler

Brawn 1
Agility 2
Intellect 4
Cunning 4
Presence 3
Willpower 3

Charm 3
Coercion 2
Computers 2
Cool 3
Deception 3
Leadership 2
Ranged (light) 2

Codebreaker (Remove 1 Setback from attempts to break codes or decrypt communications; decrease difficulty of Computer or Intellect checks to break codes or decrypt communications by 1)
Encoded Communiqué (Upgrade the difficulty of checks to decrypt the character’s coded messages without the proper cipher twice)
Nobody’s Fool 2 (Upgrade the difficulty of incoming Charm, Coercion, and Deception checks twice)

Soak: 2      Defense (m/r): 1/1      Strain Threshold: 14     Wound Threshold: 11
Force Rating: 0

Equipment: Military Holdout Blaster (Ranged [light], Damage 6, Critical 3, Short Range, Stun Setting), Banal Apparel (Opposing characters upgrade the difficulty of any checks made to identify the wearer once), Second Skin Armor (+1 Soak/+1 Defense; +2 Setback to Perception checks to notice on the wearer)

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