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 Post subject: Issek's Augment Shop
 Post Posted: Wed May 23, 2012 7:32 am 
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It took some time and a lot of credits, but I have finally succeeded in acquiring the Artifact versions of all 14 Augment schematics. I'd love to make you guys some!

Here's what can be made:


Advanced Absorb Augment 22
+12 Power
+18 Absorption Rating

Advanced Reflex Augment 22
+18 Aim
+12 Endurance

Advanced Shield Augment 22
+18 Shield Rating
+12 Power

Advanced Skill Augment 22
+12 Endurance
+18 Cunning


Advanced Accuracy Augment 22
+12 Endurance
+18 Accuracy Rating

Advanced Critical Augment 22
+12 Endurance
+18 Critical Rating

Advanced Fortitude Augment 22
+18 Endurance
+12 Power

Advanced Overkill Augment 22
+12 Endurance
+18 Power

Advanced Surge Augment 22
+12 Endurance
+18 Surge Rating


Advanced Alacrity Augment 22
+12 Endurance
+18 Alacrity Rating

Advanced Command Augment 22
+12 Endurance
+18 Presence

Advanced Might Augment 22
+18 Strength
+12 Endurance

Advanced Redoubt Augment 22
+12 Power
+18 Defense Rating

Advanced Resolve Augment 22
+12 Endurance
+18 Willpower

I'm loathe to ask for money, so I'm willing to make whatever you want if you can provide the materials. Each one takes 4 components:

4x Advanced Neural Augmentor
4x Mundane Crafting Materials (Polyplast Flux or Cortosis Substrate)
4x Gathering Material 1 (Durasteel or Primeval Artifact Fragment)
4x Gathering Material 2 (Zal Alloy or Upari Crystal)

The hard one to get is obviously the Neural Augmentor, so if you provide the Augmentor and 1600 credits for the mundane materials, I can probably cover the gathering materials.

Alternately, if you provide a purple Slicing mission that requires Slicing 340 to use, I can cover the rest. The mission will provide enough augmentors to make a single augment.

If none of these are available, I can take credits to cover running slicing missions to get the augmentors, but the harvest rate on this isn't great, so it's probably going to be around 30k credits apiece, plus some time to run the missions.

Contact me in game via Issek, Sheelba or Saitou on the Republic side or Tejj on the Empire side.

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 Post subject: Re: Fafhrd's Augment Shop
 Post Posted: Wed May 23, 2012 7:33 am 
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