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 Post subject: Bounty Hunters Expanded
 Post Posted: Sat Jul 23, 2016 8:20 pm 

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I have been working on some expanded Bounty Hunter specialties and was wondering if anybody else had made their own custom Bounty Hunters.

I have 4 ideas though only 3 are fairly fleshed out.
The Retainer
This BH is dedicated to a particular group or person. Perhaps the Bounty Hunters guild, the empire, or even a Hutt. They get a retainer fee even when they are not working (hence retainer). The talents would probably lean to intelligence gathering and urban skills. Leave your prey nowhere to hide.

The Legend
Maybe you aren't a legend yet as your mentor likes to remind you, perhaps you are just lucky, or maybe you really are that good. Whatever the case your name turns heads. The legend talents build on the premise of you are always in control, you just shot your mark and got a critical, but instead of maiming you just staggered him. Also legends tend to have something that leaves an impression, a signature suit of armor, a weapon, or some other gear.

The Jedi Hunter
Lost to history like the Jedi themselves. Few remember the art of hunting Jedi, and fewer still practice it. Through discipline and resilience these hunters practice with heavy cortosis armor and weapons, expose themselves to all manner of mind altering drugs and all manner of physical abuse to be able to withstand the force. Most die from the experience, those that survive are a true terror to Jedi.

Signature Ability

Deadly Presence
When a bounty hunter wants information he takes it.
Upon activation the encounter halts allowing the bounty hunter to browbeat those he wishes with coercion. Any who wish to take an action must make a fear check before they can proceed. (Work in progress. Just makes me think of Leia holding up the thermal detonator.)

Anyway just some ideas. Anybody else have their own or ideas for talents for these?

I have a few in mind.
Like for the legend.
Master Strike. Allowing them to use lethal strikes to adjust their critical up OR down by up to 10 points each rank, allowing them to not accidentally kill their target.

And the Jedi Hunter
(This may be too OP and is definitely bottom tier)
Force Resilience
The hunter can spend a destiny point to remove 1 force die from a single force power that directly targets them.
(Probably some stipulation like once per encounter or once per session will need to be a part of that.)

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