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 Post subject: The Forge (NPCs for an Edge Street Clinic)
 Post Posted: Sat Jul 02, 2016 3:14 pm 

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Here is a group of NPCs I made for a street clinic I like to call The Forge. I hope you enjoy. Also, I would appreciate any feedback people are willing to give me so I can improve my NPC creation process.

Doctor & Arms Dealer (Rival)
Mathaes Forge
Human Male

Doc Forge, as he tends to be called, is a street doc who lives and works on the fringe (usually a pirate cove).He likes the pacing of hives of scum and villainy because there’s always someone who needs cuts sewed and blaster burns patched up. He is a skilled doctor, but just in case business is slow he is also a novice arms dealer. He values loyal business associates and regular clients, remaining cautions and taking steps to increase his protective measures with anyone new. He is a bit jaded, but hates not having the medical skill to save a patient.

His wife and son were caught in the crossfire of opposed forces (military or otherwise) and their nanny droid, Menna, did all she could to protect them, but was unsuccessful. By the time Doc Forge arrived it was too late for him to save his family, but he was able salvage some of Menna. As she was his last connection to his family he put all his effort repairing her, even going into debt with some nasty people to do so. He has become more than friends with Menna and the two of them are on the run from accrued debt.

B – 2 A – 3 I – 4 C – 2 W – 2 P – 3

Soak – 3 W. Threshold – 12 M/R Defense – 1/1

Cool 1; Knowledge (Education) 1; Knowledge (Underworld) 1; Knowledge (Xenology) 1; Medicine 3; Negotiation 1; Ranged (Light) 1

Stimpack Specialization 2
Surgeon 2
Synthflesh Sculptor – Use Medicine for cosmetic alterations with synthskin or synthflesh.

Modified Heavy Blaster Pistol (Augmented Spin Barrel & Multi-Optic Sight)
Dam – 9 Crit – 3 Range – Medium Encum – 2 Stun setting, Pierce 1, Accurate 1
Stun Grenade, Armored Clothing, Comlink, Utility Belt, Backpack, Medpac, datapad, extra reload
A good supply of Stimpacks and synthskin plus a few Emergency Repair Patches
Has a fluctuating supply of weapons

Mechanic and Companion (Rival)
TDL nanny droid - Feminine (repurposed and covered in synthflesh; appears as 4-armed human)

Menna was the nanny droid in charge of Doc Forge’s young son. Her core programming as a nanny didn’t survive the death of her young charge and the technician who repaired her used subroutines and components from maintenance and combat droids to make her fully functional again. Since her rebirth Menna has become an excellent cyber tech and weapons modder. She has also become quite fond of Doc Forge since he had her repaired and they went on the run together.

B – 4 A – 2 I – 3 C – 2 W – 2 P – 1

Soak – 5 W. Threshold – 13 M/R Defense – 0/0

Computers 1; Mechanics 3; Medicine 1; Melee 2; Vigilance 1

Cyberneticist 2
Gearhead 2
Slice & Dice (Linked 1) – Two of her arms each have a built in vibroknife, which she can draw simultaneously with a single maneuver, and she gains Linked 1 which can be activated with 2 Advantage.

Modified Vibroknives (Superior & Mono-Molecular Edge)
Dam – 5 Crit – 1 Range – Engaged Encum – 1(ea) Pierce 4, Vicious 1, Superior
Armor plating (heavy clothing), tool kit (built in), utility belt (built in), comlink (built in), hand scanner (built in), Glow Rod (built into eyes [the technician thought it was cool])
A few Stimpacks and Emergency Repair Patches.

Bodyguards (Minions)
Larik and Kaazau
Human and Rishii males

These bruisers have been friends for a while working whatever jobs their muscles could land them in the Outer Rim. After one job went south they became the first patients for Doc Forge after his family died: it made him feel a bit normal again just repairing flesh. He was on the run and didn’t have the time to bother with payments so larik and Kaazau followed for a while helping out where they could. Over time they all became friends and now these two work as bodyguards and receptionists whenever the group sets up a clinic.

B – 4 A – 2 I – 3 C – 2 W – 2 P – 2

Soak – 4 W. Threshold – 6 M/R Defense – 0/0

Athletics; Brawl; Medicine; Knowledge (Underworld)

Pickup (2 Advantage or a Triumph) - Ensnare (opposed Athletics to break free)
Toss (Brawl check or Triumph) – If an opponent is ensnared from Pickup a successful Brawl check will allow Bodyguards to toss that being out to short range from engaged or may be activated the same round as Pickup with a Triumph.

Modified Repulsor Fist – Defensive Stance can be activated with 2 Advantage.
Shock Gloves, Vibroknucklers (for when things are serious), a few stimpacks, comlink, datapad, emergency medpac

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