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 Post subject: Migraines due to the Morality of Mercy
 Post Posted: Wed Dec 07, 2016 10:55 am 

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Does anyone have insight into this problem?
I'm a player in a F & D campaign (finally, after only GMing for years!), and our group recently had a knock-down, drag-out rumble with our first nemesis - a dark side Force user commanding First Order Forces, who had proven himself to be malevolent and threatening, while not having actually killed anyone to our knowledge (outside of one military skirmish). In our battle, which started with him asking the Force sensitives in our group to join him, he struck down one of us before being knocked out by our mechanic's four fists. We needed more information to move the campaign forward, so we decided to tie him up and throw him in the airlock of our ship.
The next two sessions were full of planetary starship combat and general mayhem, and took maybe an hour of game time. When he came to, we interrogated him for info, then knocked him out again.
For weeks of real time, we had this unconscious captive, who we had every reason to hate and fear, in our ship. There was lots of debate both during sessions and between them about what to do with him. Some of our group, who are new to SW roleplay but veterans of D&D, wanted to kill him, but I (the only non-Force sensitive in the group) argued that such an execution would be terribly immoral and (meta-gaming, I know) a terrible way to start a F & D campaign. I don't think the players new to the system understood the implications. Our excellent GM is relatively new to the system, too, and as of now, at 150 earned XP, still hasn't had the group make a Morality check roll. I should also mention that, at some point, one of our team secretly stabbed him, but his wound was discovered and healed before he bled out. In the end, we went with my idea and jettisoned him in an escape pod just outside the system.
Here's the problem I want help with:
How does a group handle this awkward but not-uncommon situation in this system that discourages unnecessary killing? A big baddie is incapacitated but not killed, at the PCs' mercy, and letting him go could mean more misery and destruction. It seemed pretty un-Star Wars to not either destroy him or escape with our lives, and led to some pretty awkward sessions and tense discussion between players.

A note to our hosts:
I've listened to every episode of your FFG podcast, thanks to my long SF Bay Area commute. This is my first time posting. Thanks for all the inspiration, instruction and chuckles. I just moved from Oakland to Austin and look forward to seeing you at GN Con this Spring!

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