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 Post subject: Adventure Assistance - Prison Break Scenario
 Post Posted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 9:44 pm 

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I would like some help designing a prison break scenario. I was thinking of having it be both mass combat and adventure style combat. Although the prison would be a good time for several session of roleplay, I am thinking of it more as a 1-2 shot adventure depending on how long the prison break takes. This would be for a starting level party or not more than a few sessions of experience in.

The PC's would be taken by Imperial Forces, during a space combat. I was thinking of having the narrative have an initial escape but just before light speed, an Interdictor shows up and prevent the jump. They put up a fight, but ultimately, a shot from the Star Destroyer ruptures the hull and they pass out due to lack of oxygen. They are taken aboard the Interdictor to a prison.

I wanted to have opportunities to recruit/gather intelligence for the Duty mechanic, sabotage and stealing are valid as well. What else may fit?

To the session itself, I wanted to have at least 3 separate areas that the PC's need to control before they can make their escape. This would be occurring during a prison riot, so there would be angry prisoners, guards, crime syndicates, and fellow rebels all fighting to survive/escape.

1. Communications, this would allow the pc's to disrupt prison communications and make getting from point to point easier as they can shift guards around, or completely shut off all communications within the prison. Control doors, gates, etc.
2. Armory, this would outfit the pc's with some gear that would replace the bare knuckles or possibly improvised melee weapons that they would be using. It would allow taking other areas easier.
3. Landing/Shuttle area. This would be the escape route.

If they can make deals with other gangs/prisoners they have opportunities to gain allies, to increase their force size, or possibly strike multiple areas at once. I was thinking of at least a 3 phase mass combat, one for each of the areas that they could potentially gain control of. For the force size, I was thinking 2 or 3. Although the guards are numerous, they cannot bring their full force to bear in any one area. The PC group would be 2 or 3 for force size, depending on who they ally with, if anybody.

I wanted to make taking certain areas first harder, such as the armory and landing shuttle. Would that be better represented by increasing the force size or another mechanic? In between the mass combat checks there are opportunities to fight gangs, using minion rules, probably groups of 2-3. Find lone guards for key cards, and some better weapons, persuade groups to work together, any other ideas? What should I try to prepare for? Any other mechanics that you think would be useful or scenario objectives? Any advice?


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