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 Post subject: First Time GM & First Time Player! Help!
 Post Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 4:24 pm 

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Hey Fellow Gamers!

First time poster!!! Order 66 podcast kicks ass! or so I hear I never listen to the Order 66 podcast...

I'm in a tricky position and I wanted to crowd source some of the best practices and a few specific questions that have come up while getting ready for our first session.

1. What do you all do in relation to a GM screen/cheat sheets does anyone have any specific things you recommend putting on it? I'm already looking at keeping the starship actions on hand.

2. How In-Depth do you get in your planning? I'm trying to run this sandbox style starting on NarShadaa the party is being tasked by a hutt to raid a warehouse where they will meet the last character of their party from there they are going to run into black sun raiding the same warehouse and have to figure out how to move X crates of weapons, drugs etc to their transport while holding off the black sun. Based on how many crates they get I will give them additional credits.

3. Does anyone have a cheat sheet for what people can use threat, advantage, triumph/despair on as a base scale (IE one advantage boost, 2 advantage dual wield, 3 advantage crit ETC) just to give them a scale.

4. Would starting with the Coronet Arms H-7 Equalizer be over powered at the start of the game? One of my players asked I tentitavely told him likely not since it crits on 2 adv and has superior which gives auto 1 adv. Have any of you had experience with this?

Thanks Gamer Nation
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 Post subject: Re: First Time GM & First Time Player! Help!
 Post Posted: Tue Jan 30, 2018 4:10 pm 
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1. Crit tables are a biggie. The adv/threat lists are good to have as long as you remember they're just suggestions and you need to support results with narrative.
2. I've been DMing this game for a couple years and this is the best strategy I've seen. ... game-prep/ This game can jump the rails FAST, so be prepared to go with the flow by not preparing more than the vaguest plot points. Let the dice tell the story.
That said, try to have all the stats you'll need on hand -- FFG's Adversary Cards are pretty nice for that since you can just pull one out and keep rolling rather than go searching for the stats of a random tech.
3. Not besides the one in the book, sorry.
4. I do! It's no problem at all, as long as the character can afford it. The power curve in this game is pretty shallow -- expert PCs with 200xp are still threatened by storm troopers (though they have more tools to deal with them). Likewise, starting with a strong weapon won't make then significantly stronger than a high-level character with the same gun.

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